Curry Night: 19th January, (Bring a Shovel...)

Plans for the Commodore's extension have been analysed and (finally) finalised at an all-night session at design HQ aka the Royal bar, and all is in place for the Big Push on Saturday 19th.

Bring a shovel. The plan is to at least lay the foundations for what will of course be only a temporary structure, but even temporary structures need to be firmly anchored or they become even more temporary than they need be. The structure will therefore be more of a permanent temporary structure; a structure that is permanent enough not to be blown away by the next gale, but temporary enough to be dismantled if need be. Is that understood? Good.

This will be followed by a curry night, organised by Gilly and Rona who will be rallying the team who made last year's so memorable.

The theme this year is Hot and Spicy.

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