Club Feva

You will notice a new addition to the LBSC fleet: Bobby and Alison have bought their lucky daughter an RS Feva, the recommended RYA trainer boat for intermediate sailors, of which we have quite a few now for whom Picos are somewhat, how shall we say, tame.

So here's an idea. Why not give Shiobhan someone to race against? Why not start collecting funds to buy a club Feva. Between the members we should be able to rustle up over the winter through individual donations, sponsored events, club events etc the necessary (from £1,500 - £2,500**) to have one for next season.

There is always the funding route, of course, but why deprive some poor kids a trampoline when we can Do It Ourselves? And no form filling or creeping cap in hand to the Ross & Cromarty Sports Council, although they do have up to £700 available for worthy causes.

I'll start the ball rolling by pledging £50 to the fund. Anyone think it's a good idea, either post a comment below (you'll need to sign in to Google) or email the usual suspects.

Without a new generation of young sailors the club cannot thrive. However, forget about youth for the moment (they've never had it so good), there will be a few elder members who will no doubt want to have a crack at a fast, asymmetric dinghy for a change.

** Source Apollo Duck

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