Committee Meeting MInutes

Loch Broom Sailing Club

Minutes of meeting 4pm Saturday 5th April

In attendance
John Osborne, Adrian Morgan, Jill Bruce, Sandy Osborne, Mike Connor, Donald Buchanan Alison Osborne, Paul Copestake

Dave Maxwell, Robin Campbell, Neil Gerard, Mike Lowson, Gilly Meighan, Paul Driver Robert White, Sue Evans.

1                 Proposed sub-group membership for champions confirmed.

(a) Cruising                                                           John O, Robin,
(b) Flying Fifteen                                                   Adrian, Mike                
(c) Youth (Pico’s and Feva’s)                               David, Alison
(d) Skiff                                                                 Paul C, Jill (SSLO)
(e) Rib                                                                   Sandy, Bobby
(f)  Club Shed and surrounds                               Donald, Adrian

2                 Good Friday 19th April Work Party –  10am Start

2.1                   Shed

(a) Shed shelves;  (Donald, Adrian)
(b) Rack for outboards; (Move from clubhouse?)
(c) Notice to members to claim stuff in shed. Contents should be predominantly for sailing club equipment. (Paul)
(d) FF Sail sorting -

2.2                   Clubhouse

(a) Water – waiting part (Robin)
(b) Wiring – John O to contact John Braes.
(c) Shelving under sink in Kitchen
(d) Hire industrial carpet cleaner (Kate)
(e) Consider painting jobs.

2.3                   Hard-standing –

(a) possible use of Manitou (Sandy to contact harbour)
(b) Tidy hard standing (rakes and spades)– ask UCRA for support.

2.4                   Diving on ff trot (John – Andy)

2.5                   Tidy parking for skiffs: (Ask SCRA) – to park

2.6                   Lunchtime soup and sandwich (BYO)  = Notice to members (Paul)

3                 Key Dates for sailing calendar – specifically launch dates –

3.1                   Cruising
              3rd May - Main Launch Date
              30th May to 1st June – Shakedown cruise
              22nd June to 5th July
              16th to 19th July Hebfest
              16th to 17th August Summer isles cruise.
              19th to 21st September Storm Cruise
              Option for big boat racing to be explored.
3.2                   Flying fifteen
              26th April ff Launch
              3rd May 1st Race
              Friday evening series – 6:30pm (race start)
              Saturday – 3.30pm (race start)
3.3                   Skiff
              17th May – Coigach; provisionally yes – limited numbers
              11th to 13th July Ullapool Regatta.
3.4                   LBSC Regatta
              22nd 23rd 24th August, first weekend after start of school term starts.

4                 Youth Sailing Update (Alison David Paul)

4.1                   Outline programme
(a) Saturday morning sessions every 2 weeks from late may.
(b) 14th to 18th July – Junior week–
(c) Adhoc sessions (evenings) – especially for Feva’s)

4.2                   Instructors – Main option is Bob (Black Isle) for Pico week (SI) - Visiting club on 11th July.  Other options being explored  - Need, list

4.3                   Check status of Welfare officer (Alison to speak with Paul).

4.4                   34 kids registered an interest.  Agreed to limit to club members and that parents must contribute to shore support.  Parents meeting after Easter.

4.5                   RYA certification being explored, desirable but absence will not stop programme.

4.6                   Training centre options to be explored.

4.7                   Aim to finalise plan for next committee meeting.

5                 Rib  - (Sandy)

5.1                   Gearbox checked:  £200 current spend.
5.2                   Morse issues should be resolved
5.3                   Refurbish prop.
5.4                   Check kill chord
5.5                   Ensure accessories RYA list
5.6                   Sandy to cost 2 floating VHF’s (wall mounted charger).

6                 FF preparations – Adrian

6.1                   Club boats to prepare New and Blue and white.  Jill and David Mike (Lucy) – Red to be a standing spare.   Shrouds – rubbing strip –
6.2                   New tender – bring it to club on 19th.  John has larch – Adrian to rip to length.
6.3                   Other tenders, old one (with Suart) and Nigels tenders?  Review at next meeting.
6.4                   Boat Insurance - Adrian to update list and send to Paul Driver to forward to insurers.

7                 AOB

7.1                   Sewing Machine – put it up for sale.  Check with Sue Evan how to do this.
7.2                   Web-blog.  Delete general contact numbers except Adrian (VC)
7.3                   Purchase of Trestle tables, (Donald to cost – for discussion next meeting).
7.4                   Winch – see how it works – protocol on use.

Next meeting - Saturday 24th of May.

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