Committee Meeting Minutes 11th April

      Loch Broom Sailing Club
Minutes Saturday 11th April at 4:30 pm


Adrian, John, Paul, Sandy, Paul D, Rona, Jill, Neil, Anthony, Donald

1.                      Committee formally noted Robins passing, his contribution to the club and the gap he leaves for all of us.

2.                      Outstanding Actions

2.1.                  Hard standing edging – Sandy reports no suitable material available from linkspan works.
2.2.                  Floating pontoon – Sandy Alastair still pondering options. Pier fendering –sort out missing lengths and repairs required.  (Paul, John)  30m 4” water pipe required – to be collected from Muir of Ord scrapyard (Paul).
2.3.                  Rib Actions – (Sandy)  Prop guard to be fitted. Leak fixed, bilge pump option on hold.
2.4.                  Club Heater – (Sandy)  New heater in place – Donald-Sandy-John to look at panel heaters/towel rails – second hand option?
2.5.                  Skiff Cushions – (Jill/Shona) – standard options (as per Ulla) £40 each – Jill to buy and recover cots from Paul D
2.6.                  Sewing Machine - (Adrian)  - sold to Scott  Coleman.

3.                      New Committee

3.1.                  Commodore – Adrian Morgan
3.2.                  Vice Commodore – John Osborne
3.3.                  Treasurer - Paul Driver
3.4.                  Secretary – Paul Copestake
3.5.                  Membership Secretary - Rona Johnson
3.6.                  Ordinary Members –
Robert White, Jill Bruce, Bobby Osborne, Sandy Osborne, Donald Buchanan, Mike Connor,  Dave Maxwell, Neil Gerard, Alison Osborne,  Anthony O’Flaherty, Matu O'Flaherty  (possible junior member). 
3.7.                  Amendment’s to committee (by co-option) Alastair Macdonald

3.8.                  Operation of new committee - dole out tasks as appropriate -  spread tasks beyond office bearer

3.9.                  Agree Champions as follows.

3.10.               Cruising –  John O
3.11.               Flying fifteen – Sandy (race officer and handicaps) – Adrian (FF fettler)
3.12.               Pico - Dave Maxwell (support PD – Alison)
3.13.               Skiffs – Jill- Mike- Paul

4.                      Officers reports

4.1.                  Commodore:  Vice Commodore

5.                      Cruising next activity -  end may leaving 28th May

5.1.                  Treasurer

                     a)             Table of membership fees including daily and weekly rates circulated – to be posted on clubhouse noticeboard.
                     b)             Boat parking charges -
                     c)             Insurance renewal
                     d)             Ross & Cromarty Sports Council membership renewal - legitimacy
                     e)             Membership list - and mopping up of those not yet paid up. – file with Paul D to be sent to Rona – list of sinners to be followed up.
                       f)             £8000 in bank - 
                     g)             Insurance end of long term agreement – renewal July.- Sandy, Paul have this in Hand

5.2.                  Secretary

                     a)             Nothing to report

6.                      Champions reports.

6.1.                  Cruising
                     a)             To be ready for 28th May.

6.2.                  15’s
                     a)             Check trots early May. (Adrian)
                     b)             Start Buoys – action Sandy - Otter bank.  Rubha buie mark. Consider various buoys.
                     c)             First Race Plans - 9th may.
                     d)             Handicaps

Pip Too
Norma B
Club boat      

6.3.                  Youth
                     a)             Plans for summer in hand (David)
                     b)             start up session 9th May.

6.4.                  Skiff
                     a)             Cul Morfee $150, will pay – (by school) (action Topher).
                     b)             Regattas – Jill and Paul to promote -  Katie – skiff sessions
                     c)             Oars – need too consider spare set – possibly winter project.

6.5.                  Clubhouse
                     a)              Kitchen cupboard – gutter cleaning -
                     b)             Hardstanding: if can be cleared would benefit from a day with a machine plus two loads of gravel.  Contact Kenny Cockrell.

6.6.                  Launching

                     a)             25th  april target for 15’s
                     b)             Eilean dubh -  move to a corner.Paul W to pay parking –
                     c)             John Coe plans to launch.

7.                      Actions from AGM

7.1.                  Use of Pico/Feva outside formal sessions; wide discussion prompted by request from Anthony.  All keen to see if this could be resolved; insurance may be a show stopper; if not key would be very clear requirements and procedure.  Agreed to discuss outside committee and produce plan for next committee (Adrian)

8.                      AOB

8.1.                  Commemoration for Robin – Paul  to contact Sandra about celebration on Isle Martin in August.

8.2.                  Prof A Macdonald – mooring (agreed to use 21/2)

8.3.                  Mike, Dave and Cathy to take RYA powerboat level 2 at Chanonry.

8.4.                  Adrian outlined idea for a Viking festival.

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