Boat Jumble

Saturday's boat jumble, although a modest affair, nevertheless raised £282.54 for the commodore's Fund for the Repair of Auld lanDies (FRAUD) while the sale of Robin's nautical effects was similarly successful.

Not so much sold, as redistributed, much of the accumulated junk has been recycled from one member's shed to another, much to their wives' despair. 

The Hon Sec and Rear Commodore were conspicuous by their absence. A spokeswoman for the former commented: "My husband already has enough junk to equip three Vegas. So he's not allowed to go to any boat jumbles."

Star attraction was a 2hp Seagull outboard which was knocked down for £20 to J Mcintyre who intends to supercharge it to 400hp, and power a carbon fibre hydrofoil he is designing. A pair of stainless snap shackles, retail value £185, went for under £20 to a Mr A Reeve, who mumbled something about bedposts and handcuffs, and similar bargains were there for those who arrived early.

Most of the old orange rope went to a young fraudster for under £2, while his mother was seen making off with many of the remaining 19th century engraved charts under her arm (although she later returned with a generous £30 donation).

At one stage the club was mobbed by as many as six people. The crush at the stalls was often as much as one or two deep, although thanks to the efforts of Donald and John, the atmosphere was civilised and no fights broke out between rival bidders.

The commodore was tempted to put the proceeds towards entirely legitimate repairs to his Land Rover, until it was pointed out that others had gone to prison for less. The money, alas, will now be deposited in the LBSC's account at the RBS.

Together with the sum raised earlier by the sale of various bits of nautical ironmongery, the grand total will be excess of £450, which has been earmarked to go towards enhancing the club's youth training programme. And there's still a lovely bronze windlass going begging.

At one point during the afternoon a little bird flew into the clubhouse, made a quick inspection, and then flew out again, past the table where Robin's gear was on display. A robin redbreast.

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