The curry night, aka, Annual General Meeting of the (R)LBSC will take place on Saturday 12th March at the club house, 6.30pm.

But prior to that it's all hands on deck in the morning (10am) to clear the club surrounds of extraneous junk, ie litter, bottles, leaves, debris of all kinds, plastic bags, bits of wood, skiffs (slip of the fingers there...) and do a little hoovering inside.

We hope to conclude the business of the evening quickly (one hour maximum) and move on to the food by 7.30pm. PS, if anyone wants to handle the finances of the club, then there's a highly prestigious post up for grabs. Perks, kick backs, bribes, preferential treatment, free car parking, all expenses considered...

The Lady Commodore has agreed to coordinate the curry menu. But she'll need help from the usual suspects, for whom the club is as always in debt (Jill, Shona, Donald, Chris et al).

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