Wee Pier

Ullapool Harbour Trust are in the final stages of buying the Wee Pier from Highland Council, which will mean a complete and long overdue refurbishment programme that will stabilise and improve access to the water.

LBSC were asked to relinquish a small strip of land we leased from the HC in order to facilitate the transfer to UHT, and after a detailed and comprehensive meeting, the committee unanimously voted in favour.

Nothing will happen for a while, and the UHT have promised a full consultation. Having the Wee Pier in competent ownership, one with a view to the community as a whole, can only be a good thing, but the committee required assurances that by relinquishing a small strip of land, we would not lose use of that strip, and this assurance was given.

Campbell Cup
Start 1pm, Saturday 19th August, off ferry pier, finish in line with the Isle Martin pontoon. Chris Steventon will have the RIB to ferry folk, and the IM ferry will run at published times.

The bunkhouse has been booked for evening celebrations, and those wishing to spend the night there must bring their own bedding.

No detailed plans, but we have use of the BBQ, so bring charcoal and something to burn.

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