Wee Pier Update 2

Sandy, our Wee Pier Liaison Officer, reported as follows:

"After much deliberation yesterday afternoon [17/05/18] it looks like they [Lochshell] will fail to complete the outer end this tide and it is unlikely to be done on the next spring - so more likely the 15th June spring, meaning completion by end June.

"If they go for bigger pumps and hit the end of May spring then mid June is possible but unlikely in my opinion.

"They will abandon the outer end and complete all works to the upper end by the end of May but the outer bund will remain. There will be beach access to the west but they may leave the east ramp until last making east access difficult."

At the committee meeting this weekend a decision will be made about the club's loo. A number of options will be discussed to find a solution that is both environmentally responsible and cost effective.

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