Danger: Before you Scrape your Antifoul...

No, not the toxins or the dust (wear a mask and goggles or scrape upwind) but the danger to other people if you are not careful, or of a malicious temperament.

After buying a scraper tool from Tool Station on line, I had an email from the sales team asking for my passport.

I will say that again, ... asking to see my passport.

It appears that anyone buying a paint scraper from Tool Station (it is probably the same for Screwfix) must prove they are over 16, in case they decide to go on a raging, hormone-fuelled teenage rampage, armed with a... scraper.

I could not believe it myself. Ah, but it was true. No passport; no scraper. No amount of pleading. Did I sound like a 16-year old hoodlum? Clearly yes (which was a bit of a boost to my 60+-year-old ego).

In the end I sent them a photo of my passport, and today I received my scraper.

I imagine it would have been the same if I had ordered a screw driver, no doubt to stab myself in the eye, self harm or even, extract a screw.

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