Alert: New Fees in 2020

The committee debated the need at its last meeting to increase the subscriptions by a modest amount in 2020, to take into account inflation, dwindling reserves and declining membership income, though I hasten to add, not membership numbers per se.

Charges will not have been raised for some six years, and there are few who would argue that it is not good value for money. Just look at the facilities; the cosy clubhouse, the immaculate tarmac, the shed, the... craic, the sailing even?

Seriously, the time had come, bethought the committee, to make a modest increase of about 10% (actually 9.6% to be precise). It would, for example, raise a family (no children) from £65 to £70, the aim being to make any increase a round number (ie £5 or £10 at most).

When the time comes, it will mean changing standing orders or direct debits, which will cause our long suffering treasurer major trauma unless members are proactive.

Here's the official line, from the Hon Sec, to the members of the committee, and if anyone has any comments to make before the deadline, you know who to collar.

At the AGM, the membership authorised an increase in the 2020 membership in line with the 10% inflation since the last fee increase in 2014. The increase had to be agreed by the committee by the end of May.
 I am writing on behalf of Donald and I with the proposed changes all much as discussed at the committee meeting. Using the membership numbers in 2017 (the latest I have available), the overall increase is 9.6%. No changes are proposed for any day or weekly memberships or Junior and Loki categories. All others to nearest £10 or £5.

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