Dan Johnson and Tim Loftus's latest launching is this Caledonia Yawl, destined for top honours no doubt at this year's rally on the canal. "Goes like smoke" is the comment from the man hanging by his fingernails to the tiller (note the rudder arm and push/pull tiller itself. Very Scandinavian.


We won't be able to match the turnout of former years when, at times, we had nine Flying Fifteens afloat and racing, so this year it'll be more a case of simply getting out on the water as often as possible.

Dave Maxwell has set up a WhatsApp group to alert everyone to the opportunity of mid-week sailing.

If you haven't already signed up, please do so.

 This year we have three club boats ready and waiting to be sailed, and everyone who feels confident in taking the tiller of a Flying Fifteen should make the most of it.

Favonius is the oldest and less valuable of the three; Freedom and Yellow are equally simple to sail but are of a higher order of competitiveness (should anyone, perish the thought) be tempted to engage in friendly rivalry.

Please read the notes I sent out about rigging, and picking up moorings.

Safe sailing all.

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