AGM Saturday 24th March 2018 LBSC Clubhouse 17.30pm 
1. Apologies
Andy and Karen Reeve, Paul Driver, Ross & Kit Eatock, Sage & Libby Nairn, Mr & Mrs Lowton, Shona Osborne, Mairi Osborne, Christine Dawson, Morag Forrest, John Mitchell, Shona Osborne, Sandy Osborne,

2. Present
Adrian Morgan, Rona Johnson, Paul Copestake, Kate Copestake, Alison Osborne, Bobby Osborne, David Dawson, Donald Buchanan, David Maxwell, Nat Wilson, Gill Wilson, Jason Leon, Gilly Meighan. John Osborne, John Coe, Ruby Coe & Jill Bruce. (Plus dogs Bran & Uisga)

3. Minutes of 2017 AGM
Having been circulated in advance it was agreed that the minutes were an accurate record of proceedings. Proposed Gilly Meighan  Seconded Dave Maxwell.

4. Commodore’s Report
Adrian Morgan Reported 2017, to be a good year. 

Cruising: John Osborne reported shakedown cruise to Skye; Summer cruise to Oban and the Small Isles with around six boats and including meeting up with John and Ruby Coe; Storm cruise living up to its name and going to Lochinver via Isle Martin also with around six boats.

Flying Fifteen: Adrian reported good racing despite something of a lack of wind; hopefully both club boats will be sailing in 2018.

Skiffing: Paul Copestake reported regular skiffing with two regattas attended (Coigach and Ullapool). The club boat has been re-fettled and will be taken to Loch Achall for some fresh water rowing while work on the Wee Pier continues to make launching difficult.

Youth Pico Week: Dave Maxwell reported 18 attendees for the successful 2017 Pico week of sailing with all conditions from flat calm to F4. A further 18 or so are signed up for the 2018 week which will be later than 2017, see sailing calendar below.

Equipment: the Rib ran well but needs a new prop guard in 2018

Commodore: Adrian expressed the privilege of being commodore and his special appreciation of the assistance that past commodores had been during the last three years. The club is in good hands and good spirit and good finances having £9k in the bank. Looking to the future, care will be needed re the finances and Adrian presented Donald Buchanan with a gift to mark his Commodore-ship.

5. Treasurer’s Report
Dave Maxwell presented his previously circulated report. Income was £8,400, expenses £7,700 leaving a surplus of £700. Cash at the bank started 2017 at £9,100 and ended the year on £9,900.
The main income was membership fees of £3,600. 
The main costs were Insurance of £1,500, net spend on the clubhouse of £665.
John Osborne asked what went into the £665 spent on the clubhouse. DM replied that work on the roof, loo, locks and wall heater.
Nat Wilson asked if the Club was a charity. The club is not a charity.
Jill Bruce asked why we made a net loss of £200 on the Christmas Dinner and the AGM. DM responded by email that £160 of raffle income was recorded on another line and three people attended the event at the Club’s expense.
Subject to the Christmas bash question, the Treasurer’s report was approved. Proposed Paul Copestake ;  Seconded David Dawson

6. Election of Officers
By agreement of the committee, nominations for the posts could be made at the AGM  - One application for the position of Commodore has been received.  By custom major post holders stand for up to three, at most 4 years. All re-elections and changes were unanimously agreed 
Commodore and Committee stood down, Secretary took the chair
David Dawson proposed a vote of thanks for Adrian Morgan for his service as Commodore from 2015 – 2017, this was unanimously agreed.
Commodore: It was proposed that Donald Buchanan be elected: proposer David Dawson seconder Paul Copestake 
Commodore took the chair 
Vice Commodore:   Adrian Morgan,  proposer Donald Buchanan , Seconded Nat Wilson 
Treasurer: David Maxwell, proposer Adrian Morgan seconder Gilly Meighan
Secretary:   Paul Driver stood down during the year and was thanked for the work he has done.  Acting Secretary David Dawson was proposed by John Osborne & seconded Gilly Meighan
Membership secretary – Rona Johnson is standing down and was thanked for the work she has done. Morag Forest and John Mitchell to fill the role P Gilly Meighan seconder Rona Johnson

7. Election of Committee 
The following agreed to continue or join the committee
Paul Copestake, Robert White, Siobhan Osborne, Bobby Osborne, John Osborne, Alison Osborne, Sandy Osborne, Anthony O’Flaherty, Gilly Meighan, Nat Wilson, Jill Wilson, Morag Forest and John Mitchell.  Others may be co-opted or invited; all members are welcome to attend committee meetings.  
Committee elected on mass; proposer Donald Buchanan ,  S Adrian Morgan

8. Launch of 2018 Sailing Plan  
John Osborne and Paul Copestake briefly outlined the 2018 plan with detail including FF racing available on the club website. 

Event Date
Target Launch FF 29/4
1st FF Race 12/5
Shakedown Cruise 18/5
Regatta Day 2/6
Main Cruise (North) Start 15/6
Second Cruise (South) Start 29/6
Rowing Regatta 17/7
Youth Week 23/7
Campbell Cup 11/8
Main Regatta 25/8
Storm Cruise 15/9

9. AOB
Wee Pier Work: after a slow start, the work is now progressing well. The works were supposed to take 12 weeks from End Feb but delays look likely. Regarding relaunching FF and other boats, the best option is a window of time where beach access is made available by the contractors. Failing this there is a possible alternative launching using the UHT Manitu from the main pier. 
The Wee Pier contractors would prefer Eilean Dubh to be removed as it is now impeding progress.
Adrian Morgan agreed to check the club mooring, subject to launching the Pioneer.
Adrian Morgan to retain the blog, all members responsible for providing copy.
Thanks were proposed and agreed for Dave Maxwell as Treasurer and Adrian for the blog.
1st Committee meeting with Donald as Commodore 14/4 at 16:00 venue TBA.

10. Closure
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 18:22

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