AGM Minutes, 2012 Programme and Commodore's Report

Loch Broom Sailing Club
AGM 7 April 2012 Royal Hotel 6.30pm
Present:  Paul Copestake, Robert White, John Osborne , John Coe, Jill Bruce, Bobby Osborne, Andy Reeve, Will Copestake, Adrian Morgan, Donald Buchanan, Kate Copestake, John McRae, Sandy Osborne, Ruby Coe, Sue Evans, Fraser Fotheringham, Jason Leon, Alex Fotheringham, Shona Osborne, Alec Reilly, Julia Ridgman, Robin Campbell

Apologies: Stuart and Susie Anderson, Paul Driver, Gilly Meighan

Minutes of  AGM/EGM

Minutes of AGM 26 March 2011 were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting . Proposed/seconded: Robin/ Donald
Minutes of  EGM 4 February 2012 were approved. Sandy/Jason


Commodore’s Report

(a full transcript is appended and can be found on the blog

·        A successful year, with lots of sailing.   “The challenge of the committee is to ensure that all voices are heard and that we can offer the full range of activities for all members to pick and mix as they choose.”
·        Regattas brought together all classes successfully. A small flotilla made it to the Orkneys and club members ventured as far afield as Jan Meyen and the Summer Isles.
·        Flying Fifteens were most active, with four private and three club boats afloat at times and often racing as a fleet, with nine afloat for the new season.
·        Loki was launched and enjoyed throughout the season, scoring notable successes at the Ullapool regatta with three medals won.
·        Major improvements to the club house, with a shed built, drying room  and hatch driven through from kitchen to club room, which will now be a dry room, and other modifications.


Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer John Coe reported that the club made a loss of around £2,000 in 2011, mostly down to the cost of the RIB repair and club refurbishments which will add to the capital value of the club’s assets.

An EGM in February was called (the first ever) to introduce a surer basis for collecting fees and a simplified fee structure which should yield £2,830 in 2012, as against around £2,000.

This fee now entitles members to use all the club assets with no further payment, and represents a significant saving to some categories of membership, notably actively engaged families.

Some members had yet to “upgrade” their standing orders, and were urged to do so.

Jason suggested that greater casual use of the club and assets might be encouraged with a standing advert in the Ullapool News. And a notice on the club wall to that effect.

A system for collecting casual fees, and bar receipts, was needed – possibly using the old slot in the counter, with a padlocked door.

In principle income generated by a class should be put down to that class. In general there should be more accountability to establish if classes “pay their way”.

In the bank: £5,202, with more income due from members late in upgrading their subs.

Proposed/seconded: Donald/Alex


Election of committee

Commodore: John Osborne (Paul Copetake/ Robin Campbell)
Vice Commodore: Paul Copestake (John Osborne/ Robert White)
Secretary: Adrian Morgan (Paul Copestake/Robert White)
Treasurer: John Coe (John Osborne/Adrian Morgan)
Membership Secretary: Rona Johnson (Johns Coe/ Sue Evans)

Committee: Robert White, Sue Evans, Jill Bruce, Paul Driver, Bobby Osborne, Seamus Nairn, Sandy Osborne, Robin Campbell, Donald Buchanan, Mike Connor, Chris Steventon, Gilly Meighan, Sue Evans (plus club officers)


Constitution changes

Technical changes to the constitution, regarding the new fee structure, were approved unanimously.


2012 Season

A full programme is appended and can also be found on the blog. Note the monthly trophy races, which will be conducted with all the rigour of the RYA rules (as applied by Race Officer John Coe)


Other business

John Coe handed out Smartie boxes in which members are encouraged to save 20p pieces for the club, an idea that was considered excellent, initially nutritious and latterly lucrative...

Meeting closed 7.20pm 

Loch Broom Sailing Club   Commodore’s Report  2011

In 2011 LBSC has been very busy, with a lot of activity at the sailing club both on and off the water.  In a small place like Ullapool, there will always be some concern that such diversity stretches both our human and financial resources; move on! Debate as to what the club does is healthy because energy breeds enthusiasm; of course amongst this vitality, the challenge for the committee is to ensure that all voices are heard and that we can offer the full range of activities for all members to pick and mix as they choose.   The club now has a blog managed by our secretary, Adrian, a great resource for posting news;, it is updated regularly

The club regatta in August was a success bringing together flying fifteen, Pico and Cruiser activity. Loch Broom also hosted other water based events; the Tall Ships organised by the Harbour in July was a great event as were the skiff regattas at Coigach and Ullapool.

A small flotilla made it to Orkney and I made it back from Sweden. There were many trips to the Summer Isles, notably in July with a memorable race around the Tanera Beg.  Club members joined Tim Loftus successfully reaching Jan Mayer in the Arctic, nothing in comparison to the extremes faced in the September storm cruise!

Generation two grow in confidence and we held a second training week.  This was led by an RYA senior instructor CarolAnn MacKay and supported by Paul D, Beth and Emma: By borrowing boats from Loch Carron we saw  almost 20 kids achieve certificates at various levels.  CarolAnn was able to also squeeze some powerboat training which complements the training others had taken at Channory in Fortrose. Beth has also gone on to acquire her instructor’s certificate.  Activity was maintained after the training and there is a good core of youths that will enable events to continue in 2012.

Flying fifteens
An extremely energetic and enthusiastic sector, afloat first and hauled out last there were 7 boats on the water with regular racing on Thursday evening and Saturday Afternoon.  Starting is much improved as is our knowledge of racing rules and fine tweaks to keep boats with a competitive edge!   The Regatta included a 15 taster session which has hooked in new enthusiasts – 2012 will see 9 boats afloat and the prospect of a formal race series and introduction of Donald’s Ladder!’

2011 marks the arrival of Coastal Rowing in Ullapool in a big way.  The sailing club launched Loki at Easter and it has been used regularly ever since.  The club also entered a formal agreement allowing Ullapool Coastal Rowing to use the club as a base for their activities.  With their two boats (Ulla and the schools boat Cul Mor) and Coigach Lass in Achiltibuie; Loch Broom is now a focal point for the revival of coastal rowing.  Loki and crews acquitted themselves with honour at the local Coigach and Ullapool regattas.  The pattern is set for 2012

With all the increased use the clubhouse was showing its limitations and it was clear that it needed sprucing up.  A new shed has been constructed that allows the old store to be used as a changing area. In turn this means that the main room can be declared a dry zone!  It has been redecorated to high standard and after a spell of destruction a new bar has been created linking the main room to the Kitchen.  Opened in style with a massive curry party – a human density normally the reserve of the saloon of Eileen Dubh!

There is a lot of promise that 2012 will continue to be as busy as ever.  In February we had an EGM (first ever?) to amend the clubs payments to facilitate use by club members of club boats.  We have also identified club champions for each of key activities; John Osborne (Cruising), Adrian Morgan (Flying Fifteens), Paul Driver (Picos) and Paul and Kate Copestake (Skiff). 

2011 achieved a lot, but there is room for improvement; perhaps mostly being organised with our programme of events and inducting new members into the full range of club activities.  Both are signs of growth, which is positive and as the signs of spring are all around (feverish activity on boats ashore and the smell of anti-fouling);  I am looking forward to a full and exciting season afloat!

Paul Copestake 7th April 2012

2012 timetable
7th April
Easter Saturday - Agm
21st April
OK tides for launching Cruisers,
22nd April
 Launch of Flying Fifteens, first race on the 22nd April. 
5th May
Spring tides, Good date for launching Cruisers.
12th May
Pico Shakedown!
13th May
FF Cup Race number 1 (sponsored by Jill) – spring BBQ
19th and 20th May
Overnight Tanera Cruise,  Coigach Skiff Regatta.
25th to 28th May 
4 day shakedown cruise
10th June
FF Cup Race number  2
22nd June to 1st July 
8 Day summer cruise.
2nd to 6th July
Pico Week
9th to 14th July
Maritime festival Stornoway.
22nd July
FF Cup Race number  3
late July
Summer Isles Cruise?
11th and 12th August
Ullapool Skiff Regatta
18th and 19th August
LBSC Regatta, this is the weekend after the school starts.
Includes FF Cup Race no 4
21st September  
23rd September
Final FF Cup Race
Late September
Storm Cruise
Mid October
Agreed haul-out weekend

This in addition to regular  events which include:

Flying fifteeens – wednesday or thursday evening and sunday lunchtime
Skiffs – saturday morning
Pico – to be agreed

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