Draft Minutes 3rd May


      Loch Broom Sailing Club

Draft Minutes of Meeting 3rd May at 18:30 conference call


1)      Present/Apologies

Paul Copestake (Commodore: PC), John Osborne (Vice Commodore: JO), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer: DM), David Dawson (Secretary: DD), Sandy Osborne (SO), Robert White (RW), Adrian Morgan (AM), Gilly Meighan (GM), Donald Buchanan (DB), Anthony O’Flaherty (AF).

Apologies: John Mitchell (JM)


2)      Minutes and matters arising

The minutes for the committee meeting on 6th April were proposed seconded and approved. There were no matters arising not on the agenda.


3)      Clubhouse and Surrounds

a)      Existing Clubhouse

Adrian was commended for his efforts to get the clubhouse ready for this season. JO said we need ‘hard’ chairs and a table to complete the Club Room. Potential free/cheap furniture to be run past JO. All

b)     Future Clubhouse

PC said that he and SO will meet the RYA on Wednesday 5th May. PC & SO

c)      Boat park - Access

PC met with Kevin Peach UHT Harbourmaster (to be a monthly catch up).  Kevin raised concerns he had received that the boat park does not leave room for emergency access to the inner harbour beach and is generally too full facilitate turning room for cars and trailers launching boats.   As an initial step, members to keep dinghy/boat parking away from the clubhouse side of the boat park and dinghies to remain moveable. All Possible future steps include boxed junction type markings in cleared area and sign at the top of the ramp, to look again at options for reducing the footprint of dinghies (rack?)  PC to inform members

d)     Boat Park - Trailers

As an extension of c) Three out of four FF trailers to be moved to a secure area in the village with one being left in the boat park for emergency use. RW

e)      Wee Pier Cleaning Rota

Per PC’s note, the Club has signed up to 6 cleanings of the Wee Pier top this season. All encouraged to sign up to share the work. All


4)      Covid Update

PC reported that this is opening up now with current permitted activity as follows:

Youth contact sport - including Saturday morning supervised sailing,

Adult non-contact - including single household FF racing and family overnight cruising

Outside meeting up to 6 from 3 families

Clubhouse use of loo and changing facilities only

More opening up expected in following weeks.


5)      Sailing and Water Activities

a)      Champions

FF - AM is stepping back as FF Committee Champion, replacement TBA

Youth – Jason

Adult training - PGC

Cruising – JO

Rowing – PC relinquishing role, replacement TBA

b)     Activity

FF – Warm up racing already commenced, Ffavaneous to be launched

Youth – JL reported a good start to Saturday AM sailing with all Picos afloat and expectations of Topper (with AF’s repair work) and Feva expected to be used in future. Possibility of Feva for sale. Radio fettling still in progress. Club rib engine starts and runs but awaiting service. Pioneer Yamaha also needs servicing, (water pump service kit purchased in case required to address poor cooling water flow). Gavin aware that engines need servicing but he works at his own pace. JL/SO

Cruising – Rough timetable to be prepared JO

Fees -  It was agreed that future fees (including Club Moorings) be discussed at a future committee meeting. PC


6)      Calendar

Prizegiving postponed until it can take place in person.

Proposed dates to JO including personal cruising dates, perhaps late May short cruise

Campbell Cup July/Aug. All


7)      New Members & Mentors

Potential new members include Alisdair Floyd, Bryony and Rachel Horsburgh.

It was agreed that mentors be appointed to help include new members to the club activities. Volunteers to PC. All


8)      AOB

GM reported that Seasavers are to have a two, two day day training sessions for RYA power boat level 2 between 14th-17th May.  The plan is to use Jason and Gilly’s rib but like club rib needs servicing.  Given that 3 of the group are also LBSC trainees they have asked that if their boat or another boat is unavailable could the club boat be made available. In principle yes subject to correct insurance, supervision and any breakages made good. The Trainer is Euan Carruthers of https://youandsea.com/ They were selected as the UHI/UHT RYA courses are not able to train youths under 18.  If it goes well this may be an option for LBSC to consider for other youths.  Euan looking to use the clubhouse as a base, Covid rules permit this for recognised instruction and Euan is accredited for Covid compliance.  GM/PGC to take forward with sea savers.


Club blue/white tender repair AO


PC plans a fiberglass workshop over the summer. PC(plus volunteers).

Very few subscriptions are still outstanding. Remaining being chased JM.


9)      Next Meeting

7th June at 18:30 by Zoom All.

Papers to members a week in advance. JO/PC/DD


10)  Close

There being no other business, the meeting finished at 19:35




1.       Present
Donald Buchanan, Rona Johnson, Adrian Morgan, Paul Copestake, Kate Copestake, Sandy Osborne, David Dawson, Jason Leon, Gilly Meighan, John Osborne, Jill Bruce, Robert White, Anthony O’Flaherty, Alex Loftus & Paul Driver.



2.       Minutes of 2019 AGM

Having been circulated in advance it was agreed that the minutes were an accurate record of proceedings. Proposed Gillian Meighan, Seconded Donald Buchanan and unanimously agreed.


3.       Commodore’s Report

The Commodore’s report was circulated in advance and the Commodore thanked the club for their support and wished his successor well. David Dawson proposed a vote of thanks to Donald for his service to the club in the past three years and this was unanimously agreed.  


4.       Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was circulated in advance Acceptance of the report was Proposed by Donald Buchanan,  seconded by David Dawson and unanimously agreed.


5.       Election of Officers and Committee

·         Commodore and Committee stood down, Secretary took the chair. All proposals were unanimously agreed.

·         The committee recommended that Paul Copestake be Commodore, proposed Anthony O’Flaherty, seconded Alex Loftus and unanimously agreed

·         Commodore took the chair

·         PC indicated that John Osborne has agreed to stand as Vice Commodore; proposed David Dawson, seconded Gillian Meighan and unanimously agreed

·         PC also reported that Dave Maxwell – Treasurer and David Dawson - Secretary had agreed to remain in post; proposed Alex Loftus, seconded Kate Copestake and unanimously agreed

·         Membership secretary – PC to ask John Mitchell if he is prepared to remain in post.

·         Committee: PC reminded the meeting that committee members need to be active in supporting committee meetings etc. He then asked for volunteers to serve and  those prepared to serve as members were Gillian Meighan, Robert White, Sandy Osbourne, Adrian Morgan, Anthony O’Flaherty & Donald Buchanan. PC also reminded the meeting that the committee has the powers to co-opt additional members as required.

·         PC thanked Adrian Morgan for his service as Vice Commodore.


6.       Launch of 2019 Sailing Plan 

Paul Copestake outlined the current timeline of proposed releasing the covid restrictions:

·         2nd April – Travel to launch or fettle boats permitted

·         5th  April – Children under 17 permitted to sail with non-family members

·         26th April – Clubhouse Loo open to members

·         17th May – Resume outside contact sports including Rowing and Sailing with non-family members.

Flying Fifteen racing theoretically possible from 2nd April if restricted to family members only but proposed date will be confirmed by committee meeting in next few weeks.


A number of those at the AGM outlined plans for sailing all subject to Covid restrictions.


7.       AOB

Current Clubhouse:

·         Sandy Osborne outlined the structural repairs completed in 2021.

·         John Osborne reported the status of the re-fettling expected to be complete by 3/4/21

Clubhouse Development:

Following completion of the members’ questionnaire on use of the clubhouse and approach to collaboration with other groups, PC reported that a Development Group had been formed under Paul and Sandy’s leadership with the next steps being to:

1.       Consult with other groups (under way)

2.       Prepare a feasibility study probably externally funded

3.       After completion of 2, seek LBSC members’ agreement to the proposal

4.       Consult with the community over the proposal.

Prizegiving for 2020
Date to be agreed at the next committee meeting, ideally when physical meeting is allowed.

8.       Closure

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 16:29

Uffa Fox 50th


To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Uffa Fox in 2022, one of the most highly regarded naval architects and enthusiast of all aspects of sailing, a series of events in England are being organized for August 18-21 to celebrate the life of a man so ahead of his time.
Born in 1898 on the Isle of Wight, Uffa grew up on Cowes waterfront where at the age of 21 he set up his own boat building business. He was the father of the planing dinghy, having worked on high speed power craft, and believed that if a dinghy hull were made the right shape, and her crew held her upright, she could be made to plane over the surface.
He was a little diffident about it but finally gave his theories full rein in the International 14 Avenger. In 57 starts in 1928 she gained 52 first places, two seconds and three thirds including winning the coveted Prince of Wales Cup. A large order book was soon built up and for many years his were the most sought after designs.
Uffa even sailed Avenger 100 miles across the English Channel to Le Havre – three-up – in a mere 27 hours. He then proceeded to claim a victory over the French on their home waters, then promptly turn around and sail Avenger home in another 37 hours.
Prior to the Second World War Uffa had established his name primarily in the world of dinghies, where his designs dominated the National Twelves, Fourteens and Eighteens.
During the Second World War Uffa conceived the idea of the Airborne Lifeboat, a vessel to be carried beneath aeroplanes and dropped by parachute to survivors of ditched aircraft. Lightly built, with lines that blended to the shape of the planes, the Airbornes had sails, engine, survival kit and instructions on how to sail. Many aircrews owed their lives to Uffa’s invention.
For all his success in the field of yacht racing, he maintained that this was his most fulfilling design.
Immediately after the war he was closely associated with Fairey Marine of Hamble who built hot moulded boats to his design. Included in the impressive list were International Fourteens, Firefly, Swordfish, Albacore, Jolly Boat, Duckling and the cruiser Atalanta.
Although he had been well known in yachting circles for many years it was Uffa’s association with royalty which spilled his name over on to the broad mass of the British public. He and the Duke of Edinburgh raced together on the Dragon Bluebottle.
The royal helmsman, with Uffa as crew, was also prominent at Cowes Week in the Flying Fifteen, Coweslip. This 20 foot keelboat was one of Uffa’s most successful post-war designs.
Out of the Flying Fifteen design came Uffa’s next wave of inspiration, producing a range of planing keelboats from the Flying Ten through to the Flying Twenty Five. Then using similar hulls he produced a range of cruiser/racer yachts from the Flying Twenty Five through to the Flying Fifty. (The Flying Thirty and Thirty Five designs actually planed in the right conditions!)
In the 1960s Uffa became associated with the American yachtsman and boat builder George O’Day. This liaison resulted in the Daysailer and Javelin classes. The last boat Uffa designed for his own use was a 25 foot launch Ankle Deep.
For the 50th anniversary of his death, the Classic Boat Museum will be organizing a series of events including seminars and an exhibition of Uffa’s various dinghies.
The Uffa Fox celebrations will be followed by the Flying Fifteen European Championship organized by the Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club on August 20-26, 2022.
It is appropriate that the Royal London Yacht Club should be chosen to organize the sailing as Uffa was a stalwart of the RLYC and, as Chairman of the Sailing Committee, was instrumental in the resurgence of sailing after the Second World War.
The 2022 Uffa Fox Regatta will be for 100% Uffa Fox designed dinghies, keelboats and classic boats, with some classes’ racing areas along the shore to attract spectators. ↑

Latest Committee Minutes


      Loch Broom Sailing Club

Minutes of Meeting 12th March 2021 at 17:30 by conference call


1)      Present/Apologies

Donald Buchanan (Chair & Commodore: DB), Paul Copestake (PC), David Dawson (Secretary: DD), Sandy Osborne (SO), John Osborne (JO), Robert White (RW), Adrian Morgan (Vice Commodore: AM).


Apologies: Alison Osborne (AO), Bobby Osborne (BO), Gill Wilson (GW), John Mitchell (JM), Nat Wilson (NW) ), Anthony O’Flaherty (AF), Gilly Meighan (GM), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer: DM).


2)      Minutes and matters arising

The minutes for the meeting on 19th February were approved and it was agreed that the prizegiving date be set when the release of Covid restriction becomes clearer.


3)      AGM

Office-Bearers and Committee

It was reported that there had been no formal nominations yet from the outside the committee. PC is willing to stand as Commodore and DD & DM are happy to continue as secretary and treasurer; these candidates will therefore be presented for confirmation at the AGM.  The committee agreed that the posts of Vice Commodore and other members of the committee will be determined on the night either from the floor or by requests for nomination received between now and the AGM.   At the AGM existing committee members will be adopted if willing to remain active.  It was noted that the committee can be up to 12 additional folk but only requires enough to ensure that committees have the required quorum of 5.  Members can be co-opted by the committee outside the AGM.


The next AGM communication to members will include: a Zoom link, reminder about the office-bearer nomination process and the Committee’s recommendation. Accompanying this will be the Commodore and Treasurer’s reports.DD


Apart from Office -bearers, there will be:

-          a brief outline of hoped for sailing activity PC and

-          a brief of the status of the clubhouse committee SO

4)      AOB

Shore St/Inner harbour development plan

It was agreed that the committee write to Kevin Peach re the Shore St/Inner harbour development plan. JO to draft.


Current Clubhouse

Thanks to AM who has completed the decoration of the club room.JO will oversee the completing of lighting, changing toom, galley and loo. It was agreed that the club fund a professional cleaner starting from the time when the clubhouse is back in use.


Future of Clubhouse

PC outlined the state of work by the group with the aim of conducting consultation with potential partner groups to ascertain their wants and the conducting of a feasibility study. JO has provided a project plan for the study which will possibly be funded by HIE.


5)      Close

There being no other business, the meeting finished at 18:10

New Broom

At the AGM last Saturday, Paul Copestake was installed as the new comodore, with John Osborne vice.

Donald Buchanan stepped down, together with vice Adrian Morgan.

The treasurer and secretary, Dave Maxwell and David Dawson, continue in post while Paul and Sandy Osborne will be spearheading the clubhouse project.



ADULT £55 

At the  2019 AGM, the membership authorised an increase in the 2020 membership in line with the 10% inflation.

All classes of membership except “skiff only” permit use of all club boats, subject to the Club’s safety rules. 
The above rates do not include provision of a key to the club house (see below)
Day Rates
• Day rates are discretionary according to duration of activity, or number of craft sailed/rowed, but...
• £5 to be treated as minimum for single adult. 

Moorings for small dayboats only
Annual fee for members: £80
Weekly fee: £25

Club House Key: £5