The newest addition to the LBSC fleet, Hope, skipper Martin Shairp, plays host to thirsty members at the end of the Campbell's Trophy race to Isle Martin which, by rights, her skipper firmly believes, if there's any justice, she will have won (he'll learn...)

Strimmer Extraordinary...

Thanks to Chris, the members of the RLBSC can stagger down the slipway without, er, slipping. Heroic work with the strimmer, for which we are all grateful. Luckily someone was able to capture the man at work (visor down please Chris next time...)

If the council had half his sense of responsibility, as owners of the pier, they would have set one of their orange-suited operators on the job, as they are obliged to. Alas, no sign of any interest in either strimming the pier or, more importantly, shoring up the crumbling face.

Is this a scandal, or is this a scandal?

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