Mystery Cup; January 19th Curry Night and More...

Saturday's annual dinner at The Seaforth went down extremely well, as did the Commodore's Powerpoint (but then it had to be special, as Paul's would always be a hard act to follow). Slightly, shall we say, less organic stylistically than of old, tinged with the dry humour for which the man is noted, it was slickly presented as befits a future chairman of BP. Some excellent visual jokes, which caused uproar among the 40 or so members present. Did anyone miss Robert...?

Among the prizes for best cruise; cock-ups and the rest, presented by Paul and Donald in inimitable form on the night (Robin and Donald for their ambitious and successful gastronomic peregrination around the West Coast; Scott for the use of his buoy as a starting mark; Alastair's brave newcomer's award; the Golden Spike, for I forget what and to whom, etc) was the Flying Fifteen Trophy, awarded to ace Ffly crew Rona "the Jib" Johnson.

On scrutiny the engraving on this silver jug reads, intriguingly,  RCPYC British Snipe Championship Visitors Race First. How on earth did a cup, awarded (from research) in 1934 at the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club in Dover, end up on the mantelpiece of a member of the LBSC?

Any ideas?

Finally, a note in your diary for 19th January's Curry Night, preceded by a club working party to start on the Commodore's (temporary) lean-to, for which (this time) he swears he will be in attendance (remember the hard standing anyone?)

And from the committee to all members Merry Christmas and Fair Winds in 2013. Let's hope the Mayan prophecy proves a fallacy.

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