Committee Meeting Minutes 07 09 13

Loch Broom Sailing Club
Committee Meeting 07 09 13
Clubroom 4pm

Present:  Sandy Osborne, Mike Connor, John Osborne, Adrian Morgan, Donald Buchanan, Paul Driver, Bobby Osborne, Siobhan Osborne, Freya Anderson, Robert White, Robin Campbell, Donald Buchanan

Apologies - Jill Bruce, Gilly Meighan, Paul Copestake.
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Programme for September/October
Sailing potentially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from now until season’s end. More people can make Friday than Thursday. Too many days are being lost by sticking to rigid sailing days.

For next year an idea was discussed whereby Mike texted interested members every afternoon at, say, 5pm with weather report for possible sailing for those not in village.

Big Boat Sailing plans
- weekend of 14 Sept - cruise to Lochinver. Option to meet Tanera Friday night
- weekend of 28th Sept - Storm Cruise. Again, option to meet up Tanera on Friday. Destination TBA

Clubhouse and surrounds
The club is uninsured at present until an electrical certificate is obtained from John Braes. Urgent

Topher’s oar rack an improvement on oar storage.

Pico mast tube fixed to front of lean to (DONE)

Electrical work to be undertaken to include new RCD box, water heater and socket close by to bring all up to current standard.

Hard standing perimeter to be reinforced. A number of options discussed. Bobby and Sandy Osborne to advise on best solution long term. £200 to be laid aside for materials. Winter project.


Wee Pier
Possibility of accessing Coastal Community Fund to improve clubhouse, in which case UHT might take on some maintenance of the Wee Pier. Sandy to pursue.

Fendering completed by club. No plans for more at this time.

Flying Fifteens

Jill Bruce’s letter re detached tiller and mooring discussed at length and the implications thereof. Any repeat of what could have been a dangerous situation was deemed unacceptable both on personal safety grounds, and potential loss of club boat. In addition the paddle was missing.

All FFs must be signed in and out from now on, with any damage itemised and repaired if urgent. If in doubt, call Adrian on 07774 843 844

Damage report and signing in book will be left on table. Adrian to action

Stuart has taken on Red and private owners Adrian and Mike will try and keep an eye on the other two until haul out.

All club dinghies to laid up using wooden cradles, masts up.

Red boat has new halyard to replace old s/s one.

Club dinghy

Although, following Julia Ridgman’s experience, the rowlocks have been tied in and a spare rowlock attached to the transom the green dinghy is considered to be too dangerous to use in anything other than calm conditions.

Alternative means to get to FFs must be found. Best solution would be a sturdy club Pioneer. Either that or club boat builders to make one over the winter. Nigel’s old dinghy is not much better, so new Pioneer solution considered best option. Urgent


Do we need a RIB? Probably yes, in the medium term, but the gears must be repaired or replaced before next season. ACTION - John O


A poor year for Picos, due to a number of factors including RIB problems, lack of supervision and above all weather. However - some weeks yet to go in season…

Big boats

All agreed that the Big Boat race during the regatta was excellent and to be repeated . It was suggested that we should have a few designated weekends in 2014 for big boats on Saturdays.


Treasurer reported a healthy bank balance of around £6,000 (this stood at £4,882.32 on 31 December 2012).  Note however that funds yet to go out for electrical work.

Rona thanked those members who have thus far signed membership forms. About 20 forms still outstanding. Please sign and leave in clubhouse.

Feva Fund
It was agreed to pursue the idea of buying a two-person club Feva, to give Siobhan’s dinghy competition and as a nucleus for more, privately-owned Fevas.

The Feva is an RYA-approved step up from basic trainers like the Pico and  much better for two teenagers. It is also, according to Siobhan and Freya, who sat in on the meeting, “great fun”.

If enough are interested then the club will find the funds through every means: private donation, club funds, sponsorship, club events and Amazon scheme (Paul Driver).

Paul to explore Ross & Cromarty grant which is, we believe, restricted to £700 these days. Costs for second hand boats range from £1,500 upwards.
Loch Carron SC has a small fleet, which could provide valuable inter-club competition and training opportunities.

Suggested next steps:
1) Siobhan/ Freya to canvass support among the competent young sailors to see who would like to regularly sail a new Feva (graded - definite, or just maybe)

2) Depending on outcome of above,  decide if project is on.

3) Adrian to get realistic cost estimate for equipped boat.

Post meeting suggestions:
Key is to have youths spearheading the campaign ... we need a nucleus of interested young members and their parents to move this.

Initial suggestion is they need to raise 50% of the cost, and the club will make up the remainder (as a suggestion ).

This is seen as a project to get sorted before next season.

Short term we need to be sure (convinced) that there is a nucleus of youths who want to  “Feva”  (see 1. above) ....

It is foreseen that committee will need to assist the younger members in getting communication out to members.

Work days
Suggestion that members be encouraged to sign up for a number of work days every year as part of their commitment to the club. Members who cannot commit could perhaps, as in other clubs, opt out, for a small fee…. This could be for work on club property and/or support at club sailing events

Datchet rules
John to circulate Datchet SC’s rules as an example of how other clubs operate in this regard.

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