AGM Minutes

Loch Broom Sailing Club
AGM 15 March 2014 Club house 6.30pm

Present: Jill Bruce, Lisa Osborne,  Shona Osborne,  Andy Reeve, Sandy Osborne, Topher Dawson, Robert White, Paul Driver, Ishbel Hartley,  Donald Buchanan, Rona Johnson,   Ruby Coe, John Coe, Paul Copestake, Adrian Morgan, John Osborne, Kate Copestake, Jason Leon, Gilly Meighan, Dyane Campbell, Neil Gerard, Sue Evans, Alison Osborne, Bobby Osborne, David Maxwell,  Lucy Gregson, Simon Gregson

Apologies: Rob Ferguson, Alex and Fraser Fotheringham, John and Mary Macrae, Mike and Ann Lowson, Julie Murray, Karen Reeve, Mike Armitage, Fiona Macdonald,  Chris Steventon, Mike Connor, Margaret Steventon, Kit Eatock, Mairi Osborne, Robin Campbell, Alastair Macdonald

Apologies from non-members interested in Junior Programme: Geraldine Murray, Simon Calder, Bev Macgregor, Kathleen Mackay, Christine Crook,

Previous AGM Minutes 15 04 13 approved: Paul Copestake; Jason Leon

Commodore’s report

·        A good year, albeit plagued by weather at times and equipment problems.
·        Strong membership, up to date records, and new finance system worked well, with thanks to John Coe, Paul Driver and Rona Johnson
·        Strong run of meetings and actions from committee.
o   Outside shelter a boon to club activities
o   Electrics sorted with new water heater
o    Skiff refurbed after successful season (2 bronzes)
o   Strong FF season with close handicap racing and match racing with Chanonry. New club FF for this season and Feva which could be a catalyst for more youth sailing
o   Cruising curtailed by weather with a tough summer cruise
o   Wylde Swan to the Shiants. No exclusive club outing this year unless numbers up
o   Youth sailing struggled a bit due to weather and breakdowns, and need for supervision.
o   New club dinghy
o   Insurance premium down
o   Aims for 2014: no major projects planned. Youth sailing to be concentrated upon. The main object being more safe sailing and fun afloat.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report showed a healthy bank balance, which stood at  £4,022 at 31 December 2012 (£4,882.32) despite significant expenditure on improvements, Feva, outside shelter etc. This is due in large part to the simplified regime devised  by John Coe and implemented by Paul Driver. Despite Feva purchase (£2,500 of which £1,469 donated by club members and R&C grant etc) , Shelter and other club improvements the deficit was only £1,000. Overall the club is making money, so we can afford to spend.

There are running costs we can’t avoid (electrics, final bill outstanding, insurance). Car park needs refurbishment after storms. But aiming to spend less this year.

“The money was spent wisely”, comment from Sue Evans.

Proposed John Coe; seconded Sue Evans

Election of committee

Commodore:  John Osborne (Donald; Gilly)
Vice Commodore:  Adrian Morgan (John O; Paul D)
Secretary:  Paul Copestake (John O; Adrian)
Treasurer & Membership Secretary:  Paul Driver (Shona, Sue)
(Rona Johnson to stand down)
Boat Officers
Skiff Liaison Officer (SLO): Jill Bruce
RIB: Sandy
Skiff: Paul
Cruisers: John O
FFs: Adrian

Committee: Robert White, Sue Evans, Jill Bruce, Paul Driver, Bobby Osborne,   Sandy Osborne, Robin Campbell, Donald Buchanan, Mike Connor, Gilly Meighan, Sue Evans, Dave Maxwell, Neil Gerard, Mike Lowson, Alison Osborne (plus club officers)


Launch and clear car park in early May (FFs earlier, 20th April). Pico Week to be decided 7th/14th July.

Youth programme

A renewed effort, spearheaded by Alison, Dave Maxwell and Paul Driver to provide the younger members with supervised sailing experience and tuition.

However, there will be no youth programme without the active support of parents as the club is not set up as a training establishment.

A reliable safety boat is a key issue and Sandy is making good progress in ensuring the RIB is in good order for the season.

The need to keep to CP policy and current legislation was stressed. A strong sub-committee and interested parentrs will oversee the programme and report separately.  


RYA affiliation in hand. This will bring benefits including help to implement CP policy and hire qualified sailing instructors.
More fund raising needed for Feva from younger users.
Skiff  book sale raised £120
Rona thanked  Paul D for patience on grumpy days and vice versa.

Ends 1937

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