Latest Committee Meeting Minutes

     Loch Broom Sailing Club
Minutes of meeting 4.30 pm Saturday 24th May 2014

In attendance
John Osborne, Adrian Morgan, Sandy Osborne, Mike Connor, Donald  Buchanan,  Alison Osborne, Paul Copestake, Neil Gerrard, Paul Driver, David Maxwell.

Robin Campbell, Robert White, Sue Evans, Jill Bruce.

1.                      Officers reports

1.1.                  Commodore:  Season beginning - nothing much to report.

1.2.                  Vice Commodore – As above

1.3.                  Treasurer

                     a)             £7000 in bank (insurance to pay and some bills to pay in.
                     b)             Generally club makes a surplus of £1000 per annum. Built up to spend on projects.
                     c)             Confirm section champions can spend up to £100 – If need top up or spend on larger items – need approval from committee or if urgent commodore,/vice commodore/treasurer.
                     d)             Paul D tp draft note confirm price for storing boats on hardstanding – tenders/dinghies under 10ft free. 
                     e)             Paul D to draft and circulate ad hoc fees – eg casual hire of moorings  - note that £25 per week for casual mooring hire.

1.4.                  Secretary

                     a)             Mike L resigns from Committee (Personal reasons).
                     b)             Gilly on committee by error (stood down at AGM)

2.                      Champions reports.

2.1.                  Cruising (John)

                     a)             Shakedown cruise 31st May - summer cruise 21st June on track.

2.2.                  Flying Fifteens (Adrian).

                     a)             Club Boats: new white one in water – performs well – David M, Gunnar and Jill looking after.
                     b)             Old white, To be put in (7thJune) Neil plus Lucy and Simon to look after – Adrian to advise – tiller needs fixing.
                     c)             Chanonry challenge 7th and 8th of June.  2 crews –.
                     d)             Barts Bash -21st September -  interest registered - more to follow.
                     e)             Racing  and training – races started Friday and Saturday. 
                       f)             Insurance – Does this cover racing ? Paul D Check

2.3.                  Youth Sailing (David/Alison/Paul D)

                     a)             Subgroup David, Alison, Paul D, Paul C,
                     b)             Start-up session 31st May with Rob. 
                     c)             Pico Week – 14th to 18th July – Senior instructor Rob plus instructor from KLB, Plan on Blog – Week to be costed so income = outgoings (plus small contingency).
                     d)             Evening ad hoc – Emma to liaise with David/Alison /Paul -  look for volunteers. Action Paul C to contact Emma.
                     e)             Paul C to send emails of safety boat  drivers to folk to David M.
                       f)             2nd safety boat – local options exist, but use of KLB 2nd rib preferred.
                     g)             Helmets.  RYA has neutral view and not compulsory – LBSC agrees up to individuals. 
                     h)             All protective equipment is responsibility individuals – (wet suits, lifejackets) club does not (officially) hold any stock.
                       i)             Mast floats to be milk containers or similar. NB Crewsaver floats cost £45+ each. Junior sub group to discuss.
                       j)             Parents on shore duty to sign up (free) as day members.
                      k)             Risk assessment completed by Paul D

2.4.                  Rib:  (Sandy)

                     a)             Gears sorted
                     b)             New prop fitted – try fitting prop guard.
                     c)             When Rib on mooring – should lift at least once every two weeks to clean and drain and prevent weed growth.
                     d)             Go through RYA Checklist (Sandy Paul D)
                     e)             Launch rib. (Sunday 25th?)
                       f)             VHF’s purchased.

2.5.                  Skiff (Paul C)

                     a)             New cover purchased and fitted.
                     b)             Coigach:  raced in 40+ men, 50+ women (Bronze) 50+ Men Silver.
                     c)             Regular sessions – booking for sessions to be encouraged via calendar.
                     d)             Ullapool Regatta 11th 12th 13th July.  Paul C to circulate rowers to draft up crews. 
                     e)             LBSC Support to Ullapool Regatta –– 2km  racing between ferries as with Worlds.  Club to offer support as per worlds.  Rib to be made available (crewed by club members), but priority to be given to club events (Pico’s) if there is a clash. Paul C and Jill to liaise with UCRA
                      f)             £75 to be offered to UCRA as contribution to winch (action Paul D to pay Topher)

2.6.                  Club shed and surrounds (Donald)

                     a)             A second phase of tidying for year needed (trailer debris – and rake back gravel) - 7th June first thing (before Chanonry challenge). 9am start!
                     b)             Paul  W;  launching soon.
                     c)             Masonry paint purchased Donald to buy in brushes/rollers from corner shop. 
                     d)             Strim Pier and verges on 7th.
                     e)             Donald to buy trestle table
                      f)             Ensure adequate first aid kit in clubhouse – Paul C

3.                      AOB

3.1.                  Casual hire of moorings (per week) subject to availability - £25 per week. Cash up front. (see 1.3.e above)

3.2.                  Update on Sale of Sewing Machine. Pfaff 238 (Paul) – Put in Ullapool news, Ullapool ads (facebook), scot ads – try 2weeks then ebay

3.3.                  Social Event  - Adrian/Robert to explore ideas –

Date next Meeting Saturday 5th July (4:00 after ff race)


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