The newest addition to the LBSC fleet, Hope, skipper Martin Shairp, plays host to thirsty members at the end of the Campbell's Trophy race to Isle Martin which, by rights, her skipper firmly believes, if there's any justice, she will have won (he'll learn...)

Museum Invite: Loch side's Role in the Great Age of Yachting

You may have already had notice of this event but in case not : we (the sailing club) have had an invitation to attend the opening of the Museum's new exhibition : A Community at Sea, Working on the Yachts, telling the story of the men of the loch side who made a living crewing on pleasure yachts.

The opening event is at 2pm on Tuesday 5th August  and the invite requests that if people are attending could they RSVP to Robbie Mackenzie by 1st August tel 01854 612749 or email robbie@carnoch.com

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