Calling All Trophy Holders

Proud prize winners

The blog would like to post photos of your prizes in situ, on mantelpieces, bedside tables, trophy cases, cludgies, skips, bin bags, wheelie bins...

The Osborne tree has something for all; even the mice...

Morgan's mantelpiece of shame. Nice though, innit.

Alastair's proud haul.
Paul's trophy has pride of place amongst the Copestake clutter
Paul's golden bonnet mascot: probably worth more than the real thing.

Can you send them at a reasonably low resolution, say under 1Mb, with any words of explanation/expiation/gratitude etc ( but we don't need to know who you wish to thank, parents, mentors, uncles, aunts, agents, managers, producers, etc).

The blog awaits your photos...

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