Quick Update

It looks like a slow start to the season, as a late winter snap strikes a chill into the hearts of the bold members of the LBSC. Ffly managed to steal a march on her rivals and sits at her mooring, all of which have been checked and cleaned, with the exception of the outer most pair, which will be reserved this season for motorboats and RIBs. As for the others... maybe this weekend, for there are races pencilled in for Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd May.

The two club boats are ready to launch, as soon as weather and will permits. Both have had new shrouds fitted, and jib tension on both will enable crew to get the maximum out of what are, basically, still quite competitive Flying Fifteens. If sailed efficiently and, above all, in the right direction. Plan is to get another mast and a good suit of spare sails this season. Not that breaking a Flying Fifteen mast is a common phenomenon, whilst afloat that is...

No sign of life from the cruiser fleet, just a sad reminder of what promised to be a great season for Eilean Dubh and her much missed skipper Robin. Plans to repaint her are afoot, as are suggestions for turning her saloon into an annexe to the Royal, but where time is never called and where members can toast Robin all night and retell all the old stories.

The first committee meeting of the season covered a wide variety of topics, from skiff cushions to the state of the club finances which appear to be very healthy (until the bill for the skiff cushions comes in, that is...)

Much debate was given over to Anthony's request to be able to take his children out in a club boat, mid-week, and without safety boat cover. In principle the committee decided it would be a good thing, and Paul Driver has contacted our insurance people to see if they have any objections.

What else? Pico Week looks like being a smaller event this year, and thus more manageable, with one RIB and one instructor. More details on the up to date position from Alison, Dave or Paul, but numbers would appear to be hovering around the 15-18 mark.

The full text of the club minutes, or rather whatever the secretary sees fit to publish, will be posted soon, but with a plethora of projects on the go including a stupendous glassfibre spray hood for Mollymawk, it may be a while. With orders being taken from Vega owners across Europe, it suggests his days at SEPA may be numbered.

Copestake Custom Composites has a nice ring to it. Resins to be cheerful... ouch.

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