Mid-Summer Regatta

Well, it didn't rain... much and apart from the young members heading for the warmth of Ullapool swimming pool (very sensible) rather than endure the rigours of a wetsuit on a Pico, the weekend panned out pretty much as planned.

The evening race on Friday saw the secretary on blistering form, the yellow boat was quick too under the command of Mike Connor, whereas the combined super talents of commodore and vice were sorely tested. The dream team aboard Dolphin struggled to keep up. However there was a silver lining next day when, after a little secret tweaking, Dolphin swept the board so comprehensively those behind suspected foul play.

Alas, it was simply an excess of boatspeed which, if repeated, is worrying. If all the vice needs to do is point his bow in the right direction, then what hope is there for those of us who spend hours fiddling with rigs and controls?

Good to see Alastair and Gunnar join the fleet, which also included Dave Maxwell and a contingent from SEPA, drafted in by the Hon Sec, who seemed to enjoy the experience.

Good BBQ in the evening and next day two Vegas and a Vertue (all sporting V signs on their mainsails) made the arduous voyage to Isle Martin.

And here are some more photos.

The Hon Sec solves the Pythagorean Conundrum which has foxed the best minds for millennia

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