Take Two Land Rovers...

... and you can move the world (or at least Eilean Dubh and Ceol na Mara). John O and Paul C, with directions from Ian Boyde, and a supporting cast of Donald Buchanan, Mike Conner, John Coe and the Commodore (who played a small and insignificant part in the operation), once again showed what can be done when health and safety turn a blind eye

Again, photos speak louder than words, and indeed very few loud or even rude words were spoken, the whole operation running as if on greased rails. This was West Coastery at its best, and a privilege to watch as John and Paul, harnessing the power of around 100 horse power, dragged first Eilean Dubh then Ceol na Mara from their berths, and deftly swapped them around, thanks to much pumping of steering cylinders from The Buchanan (of that Ilk).

And ,lo, in next to no time all was in order, with Picos, Fevas and dinghies lined up abreast to the delight of all those with obsessive compulsive disorders.

As John O might well have said "Job done."

Oh, and the subsequent Flying Fifteen race was pretty exciting too (but that's another story).Need a stiff whisky or two before facing that one.

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