The newest addition to the LBSC fleet, Hope, skipper Martin Shairp, plays host to thirsty members at the end of the Campbell's Trophy race to Isle Martin which, by rights, her skipper firmly believes, if there's any justice, she will have won (he'll learn...)

Latest Committee Meeting Minutes

      Loch Broom Sailing Club
Minutes Saturday 4th July at 4:45 pm

1.                      Attendance
1.1.                  Apologies -  Anthony,
1.2.                  Present – Adrian Morgan, Paul Driver, Alison Osborne, Jill Bruce, Sandy Osborne, David Maxwell, Mike Connor, Paul Copestake, John Osborne, Donald Buchanan, Neil Gerrard

2.                      Minutes taken as read –

2.1.                  Outstanding Actions below

                     a)             Table of membership fees including daily and weekly rates circulated – to be posted on clubhouse noticeboard.  Done.
                     b)             Membership list – updated. Done
                     c)             Insurance renewed. See agenda
                     d)             Start buoys – making do. – no further action.
                     e)             Coul Mor fee to collect.- paid
                       f)             Hardstanding – wait till later in year. No action
                     g)             Yachts not launching – Katra to launch at some point – OK to move if needed, Cartha still look to sell – may launch - Eilean Dubh, Ian and Donald working on this.
                     h)             Cushions for Loki purchased Brilliant. 

3.                      Commodores reports

                     a)             Season summary so far
.         Catching up –J une miserable – spring cruise – Sundays and Saturdays FFs going well – 2.30 for 3 start at weekend, Fridays 6 for 6:30 start.
                     b)             Use of Manitou for launching -  Sandy reports Harbour in control – OK to continue with tasks as they want to maintain community support– LBSC insurance gives member to member cover.
.         Blog calendar out of kilter spreadsheet –  Adrian to Fix
.         15th August Robin’s cruise and BBQ (Shona liasing with Sandra).
.         22nd August - FF Saturday competition race
.         23rd August Picos –  Rob coming across – focus on seniors
.         29th possible Weekend cruise
.         5th-6th September - main regatta and FF competition race

4.                      Treasurers Update (Paul D)

                     a)             Insurance £1257 to be paid next week – reassess values for club boats –circulate list of assets and comments by end of the week.
                     b)             £7700 in bank  – Pico week – incoming and outgoing…..

5.                      Membership

                     a)             Proposal to make Ian Boyde honorary member.
.         Donald proposed – Adrian seconder  (secretary to write)

                     b)             Other new members
.         Steve Boyle,
.         Kirsten McLellan
.         Shirley Rose
.         Horsburgh family
.         Michael  

6.                      Pico Week

                     a)             Summary of plans
.         3 ad hoc sessions so far
.         Pico Week - 16 kids, mostly paid up – Black Isle Rob plus Emma for one day  
.         Facebook page used by youths
.         Kit for rib sorted
.         Second rib
.         Rotas all sorted
.         Picos, club Feva , use of 3 toppers, Osborne Feva and second rib adopted for week
.         Insurance for private boats covered for use by LBSC policy

                     b)             Sunday 23rd Pico session with Rob for seniors.

7.                      Ullapool Rowing Regatta (Paul) -  in hand -  rib as a safety boat if asked (NOT for buoy laying or hard use).  Be aware of potential clash with Picos during launching . 

8.                      Summer Cruise (John) 

                     a)             17th july 10am or therafter – Twister and Mollymawk – John McIntyre and Adrian – Sandy (ish).  Andy – Peter (west) – Dan and Charlotte- 
                     b)             Plans hatching.

9.                      Robins Memorial Bash (Donald) – 15th August.

                     a)             Campbell Family to sail in bay to scatter ashes.  Not land – but sail back – BBQ, Ian to provide meet and smoked salmon – bring pot-luck salads and rolls.   Shona – Ian bring Romary down – Scott bringing Goldseeker.  Sandra offering a cup to be presented to club at BBQ 

10.                   AOB
Meeting closed 17:45

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