Latest Committee Meeting Minutes

      Loch Broom Sailing Club
Minutes Saturday 4th July at 4:45 pm

1.                      Attendance
1.1.                  Apologies -  Anthony,
1.2.                  Present – Adrian Morgan, Paul Driver, Alison Osborne, Jill Bruce, Sandy Osborne, David Maxwell, Mike Connor, Paul Copestake, John Osborne, Donald Buchanan, Neil Gerrard

2.                      Minutes taken as read –

2.1.                  Outstanding Actions below

                     a)             Table of membership fees including daily and weekly rates circulated – to be posted on clubhouse noticeboard.  Done.
                     b)             Membership list – updated. Done
                     c)             Insurance renewed. See agenda
                     d)             Start buoys – making do. – no further action.
                     e)             Coul Mor fee to collect.- paid
                       f)             Hardstanding – wait till later in year. No action
                     g)             Yachts not launching – Katra to launch at some point – OK to move if needed, Cartha still look to sell – may launch - Eilean Dubh, Ian and Donald working on this.
                     h)             Cushions for Loki purchased Brilliant. 

3.                      Commodores reports

                     a)             Season summary so far
.         Catching up –J une miserable – spring cruise – Sundays and Saturdays FFs going well – 2.30 for 3 start at weekend, Fridays 6 for 6:30 start.
                     b)             Use of Manitou for launching -  Sandy reports Harbour in control – OK to continue with tasks as they want to maintain community support– LBSC insurance gives member to member cover.
.         Blog calendar out of kilter spreadsheet –  Adrian to Fix
.         15th August Robin’s cruise and BBQ (Shona liasing with Sandra).
.         22nd August - FF Saturday competition race
.         23rd August Picos –  Rob coming across – focus on seniors
.         29th possible Weekend cruise
.         5th-6th September - main regatta and FF competition race

4.                      Treasurers Update (Paul D)

                     a)             Insurance £1257 to be paid next week – reassess values for club boats –circulate list of assets and comments by end of the week.
                     b)             £7700 in bank  – Pico week – incoming and outgoing…..

5.                      Membership

                     a)             Proposal to make Ian Boyde honorary member.
.         Donald proposed – Adrian seconder  (secretary to write)

                     b)             Other new members
.         Steve Boyle,
.         Kirsten McLellan
.         Shirley Rose
.         Horsburgh family
.         Michael  

6.                      Pico Week

                     a)             Summary of plans
.         3 ad hoc sessions so far
.         Pico Week - 16 kids, mostly paid up – Black Isle Rob plus Emma for one day  
.         Facebook page used by youths
.         Kit for rib sorted
.         Second rib
.         Rotas all sorted
.         Picos, club Feva , use of 3 toppers, Osborne Feva and second rib adopted for week
.         Insurance for private boats covered for use by LBSC policy

                     b)             Sunday 23rd Pico session with Rob for seniors.

7.                      Ullapool Rowing Regatta (Paul) -  in hand -  rib as a safety boat if asked (NOT for buoy laying or hard use).  Be aware of potential clash with Picos during launching . 

8.                      Summer Cruise (John) 

                     a)             17th july 10am or therafter – Twister and Mollymawk – John McIntyre and Adrian – Sandy (ish).  Andy – Peter (west) – Dan and Charlotte- 
                     b)             Plans hatching.

9.                      Robins Memorial Bash (Donald) – 15th August.

                     a)             Campbell Family to sail in bay to scatter ashes.  Not land – but sail back – BBQ, Ian to provide meet and smoked salmon – bring pot-luck salads and rolls.   Shona – Ian bring Romary down – Scott bringing Goldseeker.  Sandra offering a cup to be presented to club at BBQ 

10.                   AOB
Meeting closed 17:45

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