Season's End, Nearly

The last big event of the season saw the LBSC fleet raft up in Loggie Bay at the end of the three-day regatta which comprised Flying Fifteen racing, a Big Boat race around the cans, some junior action and a cruise in company.
Mollymawk leads Twister and Sally II

Brisk North Westerly winds prevailed for the whole weekend, but the sun shone for lunch on Saturday and also, miraculously, on Sunday when a clear patch of blue opened up above the fleet, albeit fleetingly.

Sunday was young Sean Osborne's 16th birthday, and thanks to Mike Connor, who was sadly not with us, we opened a bottle of his abandoned 30-year old Heidsieck Monopole in celebration. And it was good!

Loggie bay raft up, taken by Seumas (above)
The racing for the FF Campbell Trophy was keenly fought, the opener on Friday a taster for the big race the next day. Once out of the lee of the village, the wind howled through the entrance and it was not so much planing but flying.

Chris Hall, newest member taking to LBSC habits fast
Lunch was taken under John O's canopy, soup and sandwiches, plus a late arrival of prawns, thanks to the commodore's lady partner(?). Copestake soup, and Osborne sandwiches, plus a few of the remaining cans from the club store provided sustenance for the afternoon race which had Twister, Sally II and Mollymawk heading for the Winkie in pursuit of Kumari. Handicaps and times were being worked out as this was being written, and we shall find out at the Christmas Party if Mollymawk managed to emulate her blistering form last season, or if Kumari managed to save her time. And where was Sally II, still fighting fit after 77 years afloat?
Twister and Sally II
And thence to The Royal, 'nuff said.

Finally, after a morning of recuperation, during which Dave and Seumas supervised Zander and Fearghas in Topper and Pico, it was into the cruising boats and head for Loggie.

The fleet in Loggie
 Followed by a brisk sail home, Seumas solo in the club Flying Fifteen to the strains of loud music. Can there ever have been a Flying Fifteen fitted with stereo system?

The End

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