Last Committee Meeting Minutes

      Loch Broom Sailing Club
Minutes Saturday 3rd October at 4:30 pm

1.                      Absent/Apologies
Mike Connor, has left Ullapool. As he wanted, quietly and with no fuss.

2.                      Outstanding Actions

2.1.                  Minutes 4th July read and approved.

3.                      Officers reports

3.1.                  Commodore:   - Good late season sailing – moving Katra and other boats on yard scheduled -  Last FF’s to come out.  Alan Rankins dingy borrowed and trailer lost. 

3.2.                  Treasurer -  £7600 in bank – insurance paid.  No major expenditure.  Healthy

3.3.                  Secretary - Day skipper course by UHI £375 and Rob Bashford, VHF course also to run.

4.                      Champions reports.

4.1.                  Cruising

                     a)             Review of club policy of hauling out large boats on club hardstanding. If can tow away – should be towed away.  Large boats storage by arrangement.  Boats being kept over winter should have 3rd party liability.
                     b)             Club dinghies in front of shed.

4.2.                  Flying Fifteens

                     a)             Approve purchase of new mast and jib £175. 
                     b)             Seumas to collect.
                     c)             Ffreedom to haul out.
                     d)             Action list for winter maintenance (Adrian) - Niel and Anthony Davd to help as required.

4.3.                  Youth

                     a)             PGC to forward details of winter sailing at Channory
                     b)             Sale and replacement of Rib?  To sell over winter.  Investigate cost of replacement (possible grant).  Look at solid hull – jet wash outboard – locally maintained outboard, 30-40hp.  Talk to Rob.   Preference for bomb proof practice – Capacity for 9 children plus two adults.  (Pioneer steady).  Second boat options… Sub group (Adrian Neil John Sandy Paul) to explore options).
                     c)             Good training week - hard to organise other sessions.  Weather didn’t help. 
                     d)             David/Paul/Anthony to plan next season’s events early and promote. 

4.4.                  Skiff

                     a)             Worlds 2016 (25th to 30th July).   Committed to going with Over 50’s and open. 
                     b)             Looking for money for Oars - may go over £100. 

4.5.                  Clubhouse

                     a)             Winter projects
                     b)             Winter paint session.  (walls floor gutter)
                     c)             Mange runoff beside canopy.
                     d)             Sub committed to look at hardstanding edge – Sandy to cost – do edge by pier.  Anchor points –  look at buying in some breeze blocks - 
                     e)             Wee pier fendering.   (Paul to get tubing from Muir of Ord scrappies).

5.                      AOB

5.1.                  Boat Jumble
                     a)             Adrian and Donald to organise – if you have items  to sell contact Adrian -
                     b)             Tea Coffee to sell -
                     c)             Charge fixed price for seller, 

5.2.                  Charts have made £230 –

5.3.                  Christmas  

                     a)             Ceilidh Place – Saturday - 19th December 7 for 7:30 – Rona to collate numbes etc. Pay up front to LBSC (Paul Driver),  1st December.
                     b)             Arch for 2016…..  Friday 23rd? Differ until next committee….
                     c)             Racing markers.

5.4.                  John Keith – owns winkle brig – would like to become member. General agreement, he turned up at end o committee meeting.  Also John Hall

6.                      Next Committee  to be agreed.

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