The newest addition to the LBSC fleet, Hope, skipper Martin Shairp, plays host to thirsty members at the end of the Campbell's Trophy race to Isle Martin which, by rights, her skipper firmly believes, if there's any justice, she will have won (he'll learn...)

Bargains, Bargains!

Julie Murray has some tasty gear for sale, at bargain prices. First come...

They comprise a Rutland 913 wind generator, hardly used, fully serviced, with a brand new regulator, pilot guides to Ireland and Imray charts.

Rutland 913. List price £550

The wind generator is £220; pilot guides to Ireland £15 each (usually retail at £30) and Imray charts to West/ North Ireland £8 each or £30 for the lot.

Contact Julie Murray. Email: bimbleabout@hotmail.com

Marlec regulator. List price £79.50

Pilot guides, list price £30 and Imray charts

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