Donald Comes of Age 25th June

Hello all

On 25th June 1946, at 9am, a bonny (possibly rather grumpy) baby boy was born to a Mrs Buchanan in Edinburgh.

An historic reconstruction of the great event using actors
That wee boy became our Honorable Donald which means that on June 25th this year he will (finally) have come of age.

Over to you Donald:

"The above place, time and date had a significant impact on yours truly in the space/time was when I first screamed blue murder, "WTF happened there??!!!"

"Three score years and ten later I would like to share that WTF moment with the Sailing Club and Friends at the Clubhouse with an evening of what in my youth was known as 'Wine, Women and Song' but these days it would have to be 'Drink responsibly, Non-gender Specifics & Karaoke'!! so I'll stick with food, drink and good cheer, thank you very much.

"6.30 for 7pm at the Clubhouse...a variety of hot and cold dishes will be provided along with some wine, beer and spirits.

"Restrictions...No cards, cake with candles, presents, flowers, children, dogs.

"If you could spread the word to the Membership, I would be most grateful.

"Many thanks and Cheers,


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