The Real Minutes (Spot the Difference...)

      Loch Broom Sailing Club
Minutes Saturday 22nd October at 4:00 pm

1.                      Present

1.1.                  Adrian Morgan, Paul Copestake, Gilly Meighan, Andy Reeve, Bobby and Alison Osborne, Chris Hall, John Osborne, Sandy Osborne, Stuart Anderson, Donald Buchanan, Neil Gerrard, Paul Driver, Robert White.

2.                      Minutes previous meetings

2.1.                  There have been no formal committee meetings since the AGM on the 12th of March.  There was a EGM held on the 6th of May.  Club matters have been handled by sub-committees, whether formal (youth week) or informal (after sailing sessions, or via email discussion).
2.2.                  Minutes for EGM attached: proposed Adrian, seconded Paul.

3.                      Officers reports (Keep brief and to essentials)

3.1.                  Commodore:   - A season of Highs and Lows.  Some intrepid cruising, Flannan’s, Skye, Barra.  , Campbell Cup and tender racing good to be repeated.   Pico Week, Emma and Robyn; All positive.  FFs. We lost a good few of our FF trophy races, but Sandy will come up with some results (and hopefully new winners) based on the races we did sail. And some of the non-trophy races were cracking. All FFs now up to speed, so new handicaps for next year to reflect, with the exception of Dave’s for whom I have some tweaks planned, plus new sails. So no excuses (again…)

3.2.                  Treasurer -  Club balance stands at £9800 – boosted by sale of Rib.  Notable expenses already paid; Insurance, New rib overhaul. Small deficit Pico week but well within range of annual youth budget.

4.                      Champions Comments
4.1.                  Cruising (John O) Kicked off Flannans in June, Various summer cruises in July – Kyle and Barra, John Coe sailed east accompanied by 4 boats round Rubha Reidh to Kyle.   Most boats secured for winter, locally ashore or at Loggie with larger contingent in Lochinver.
4.2.                  Flying Fifteens (Sandy) Good racing fairly activity – 4 logged trophy races plus  6 logged results from Friday and Sunday eagerly await final analysis! Results will be used to revise handicaps for 2017.  Maintenance – what do with blue boat?.  Decision to keep it but store somewhere less in the way. Minor repairs required to Ffreedom.    
4.3.                  Youth (David-Paul D-Alison) Good week with Emma running sessions before and after – Robyn instructor very good – if available would come back.  Pioneer essential for the training sessions in addition to rib.  Looks like some up and coming members.  Feel that shouldn’t start newcomers in adhoc sessions but during main week.  Is there something for older sailors?  Dave to contact Robyn for 2017.
Fevas to go to Bobby and Alison’s for winter

4.4.                  Skiff (Paul C)  Skiff regular sessions by a core group.  Attended Queensferry regatta great fun.  Need to explore options for trailer

4.5.                  Clubhouse and surrounds (Donald) -  Pier needs fenders,  issue about end of pier – council and harbour in discussion. Club to look at work to do in spring.  Propose to look at late winter; will need  new bolts and grout – Donald interested in flashing Adrian has already flashed.  Agreed to get on demand heater – Chris Hall to email suggestions, Adrian to speak with Nick Page. Wall mounted heater recommended.
4.6.                  Rib – cleaned and flushed –  cover should be here soon - 

5.                      Safe Sailing

5.1.                  What are the clubs responsibilities to promote good seamanship?

5.2.                  Adrian quoted from web page Self reliance rather than certification is a strong tradition in the Highlands, both afloat and ashore. We may appear to be among the most laid back sailing clubs in the country, which doesn't mean that we take safety lightly; far from it: you soon get bitten, sailing up here, but we rely on commonsense and the expertise of members, rather than an over reliance on certificates.

Take advice from an experienced sailor if in doubt about going afloat. Less confident sailors should stay in an area where you can be easily seen and quickly reached.

Do not sail in a boat or in weather conditions that are beyond your competence.
In short: respect the weather conditions, which can change rapidly, and the advice of those who know the area from many years’ experience of its moods.

5.3.                  General discussion -  endorsed this philosophy.  Touched on insurance and perhaps being more proactive to acquaint new members with the guidance rules and code of conduct.
5.4.                  Paul and Gilly (plus others) to update this guidance.
5.5.                  Folk liked the idea of more training overwinter -  Are UHI running any courses this winter (Gilly to ask Christine.  Other options (technology, insurance) but most   was swimming pool session and RNLI visit (Paul to look into this).
5.6.                  Final conclusion was that boat owners are ultimately responsible for their own safety, those on board and third parties. 

6.                      CASC Update

6.1.                  Sub group (Andy Gilly Kate) had not met though has explored the options and outlined pros and cons.
6.2.                  The balance is that CASC is not for the club at this point, but that effort should be made to update and improve constitution.
6.3.                  Paul Gilly (and others) to redraft over winter and to present to membership so an agreed version can be submitted to AGM.  Target for pre-meeting, mid-february.

7.                      Winter Activities

7.1.                  Boat Parking,  Donald reports no joy with Eilien Dubh – but to be put on Caley website -  price £10,000 .
7.2.                   Long discussion of tenders - charging for these but recognised that tenders must be identifiable transom stickers proposed.

7.3.                  Christmas Lights  - Robert white co-ordinating  support for in principal, agreed could use club power.
7.4.                  Annual Dinner  -  Rona organising  17th December
7.5.                  Campbell trophy made …..  

8.                      AOB

8.1.                  Life Member proposal -  John and Ruby Coe  and Nabbie, all agreed
8.2.                  Cruiser income for hardstanding -  dinghy management - 
8.3.                  2017 AGM – proposal for 4th March (Royal with Buffet)

9.                      Next meetings

9.1.                  Annual Dinner – 17th December
9.2.                  January – Safety night
9.3.                  Mid February -  Committee to look at constitution
9.4.                  AGM  4th March

Closed 17:30.

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