Three illicit entries, one break in, one theft, heaters left on for days, two new locks, one trashed combination lock, one CCTV camera, hours of police time, wasted electricity, the cost of the locks (£168), the trouble of going to Inverness and waiting for keys to be cut (many thanks John McIntyre)... all on account of a few unknown idiots who (as my old headmaster would have said) spoiled it for everyone, sailors, skiffers and kayakers.

A very limited number of keys are now available, first come. They will cost £10 for members, to cover cutting costs and locks. Who amongst us has not left a key in the door, in a "safe" place, on the bench from time to time?

During the clear up a key was found on the roof; another behind a pile of leaves, and keys have been left on roof beams.

Each new key is numbered, and coloured, which may help keep track of them. New keys can only be cut from the master keys, held by Adrian and Donald.

Hopefully that's the end of it.

Finally, if anyone is going to Inverness, and will wait an hour or so while the next batch of keys are cut and numbered at MacGregor's, then they can have a FREE KEY.

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