Fitting Out Time Again

'Tis the time to get to grips with all those little jobs you swore to tackle this time last year. Here we have some top tips from one of our most experienced members in how to go about preparing for the new season.

First decide what job you wish to tackle first. Then carefully arrange your tools in order so everything is readily to hand. Note the way every tool in the boat here has been laid out, ready for use. No frantic searching in tucked away places for that elusive screw driver, that 4mm bolt. 

Next decide on the priority. Here we see Paul in the forepeak of Mollymawk, which is as good a place to begin as any, adding an escape hatch. Next job on the list will be to stuff that No2 genoa back in the loo compartment for another year: out of sight out of mind is a good mantra on a small boat.

Note the large Stilson on the sole, which as everyone knows is used as a last resort if you have forgotten to bring a hammer. Be prepared to improvise and if necessary, add more resin.

Just two weeks after this photo was taken, Mollymawk will be happily riding at her mooring, which goes to prove that miracles can happen, given skill, experience and dogged determination.

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