Pico Week

It wasn't all capsize drill and righting. Lots of good sailing was had and improvement in a week that was adjudged to have been very successful, with weather conditions ranging from flat calm to fresh.

A quick chat with Robyn after the event elicited the following comments from our small but perfectly qualified RYA instructor.

First, teaching youngsters from Ullapool was, she said, a breeze compared with some of those from the city, whose attitudes, she implied, were rather different. In short, she found our lot (despite what their parents might think of them) a delight.

She picked out all those who took part, from Megan and Hamish, to Arwen and Ivan, Gilly, Natalie, Siobhan (who was a great help, as was our Emma), Beana, Zander, the Maxwell brothers, The Driver women and some whose names escape me.

She clearly enjoyed herself and the equipment, with some very minor exceptions, stood the test.

Well done to all who gained certificates and thanks to all those, Alison, Dave, Anthony, Paul(s), Rachel, the McKinnies, Lydia, Gus, Siobhan and Emma (again) and of course Our Robyn.

Please forgive any names left out of participants and helpers. "They also serve who only stand and wait", as John Milton wrote. And there's a lot of waiting when you're ashore keeping an eye on things during Pico Week. It is, however, essential and highly appreciated.

We'll see you all next year.

On a final note: some of the older members of the club, seeing all the fun to be hand in Picos and Fevas, fancy a regatta themselves.

Who's up for it?

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