Dan Johnson and Tim Loftus's latest launching is this Caledonia Yawl, destined for top honours no doubt at this year's rally on the canal. "Goes like smoke" is the comment from the man hanging by his fingernails to the tiller (note the rudder arm and push/pull tiller itself. Very Scandinavian.

Kenny Davidson LBSC

One of our newest members, Kenny Davidson, died on 16 September. His friend and sailing companion Alastair Macdonald had this to say about a brave and capable shipmate we ought to have known better.
Crossing the Bar.

What is a sailor?

I must go down to the sea again…

Kenny Davidson was such a sailor, the felt need to sail, the buzz, the risk, the exhilaration, powering through, with no visible source of power.
Harnessing the power of heaven, there is something other worldly about sailing.
Kenny epitomised that great truth for he possessed an energy, a zest for life that few ever attain.
Forty seven and a half years was his allotted time on this earth and in these seemingly few years he was to fill his days with opportunities and reach for greater challenges, hill walking, mountaineering, hill and road races, the more physically demanding the better.
Kenny’s father Angus had been in the Navy and inspired Kenny in many ways not least in his love of the water and it was in the Lochcarron sailing club that he learned his craft, from Toppers to 40 footers.
Kenny had fantastic friends  including Frank Bruno who was so taken with Kennys energetic dancing in a charity competition that he awarded him first prize and a pair of boxing gloves.
He accompanied his partner Mary to Buckingham Palace this year where Mary was recognised by the Queen for her services to voluntary work.
He was involved with the Princes trust over the years.
Kenny moved in high circles and had such an eclectic group of friends who loved and valued him as was evidenced at his funeral in Loch Carron on Monday 25th September.
Throughout his life he suffered ill health, born with a form of dwarfism with all the attendant troubles that brings, the obvious, being different, dwarfism also brings with it a high risk of various cancers some outward some inward. He had a heart disorder from birth, hospital became his second home.
It was my privilege and great pleasure to have known him.
Kenny had faith in God and in Jesus Christ he was a great example to all, that living life to the full and having faith in God are not mutually exclusive but actually are truly complimentary.
Also to say that Christians do not always escape troubles but overcome them.
Kenny and I shared a love of the water but more especially of the one who loved us and gave himself for us.
Bon voyage Kenny.

 Homeward bound.

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