Dan Johnson and Tim Loftus's latest launching is this Caledonia Yawl, destined for top honours no doubt at this year's rally on the canal. "Goes like smoke" is the comment from the man hanging by his fingernails to the tiller (note the rudder arm and push/pull tiller itself. Very Scandinavian.

Storm Cruise 2: Donald Sets the Record Straight(er)

Dear Commodorus Adrian

Just a few notes on the cruise-in-company last weekend.

Firstly, you are as thrawn as any born Scot and huge respect in making your successful third-time-lucky attempt on reaching Lochinver.

Next, if you think 2.5 bottles of Gordons and 2 of Tanquery...amongst 13 yotties in Mhairi Bhan's salubrious saloon constitutes a "gin-sodden evening", then you don't comprehend what a LBSC Storm Cruise really is!...you have to add in 'sippers' of Caribbean Dark-side Gin aka Woods 100 proof Navy Rum!!

All hail Heather Osborne for holding her own amongst the seasoned 1st XI LBSC Topers...a chip off the old block...John has good reason to be a proud dad!

Saturday both Eilean Gael and Mhairi Bhan's crews decided that it's a very long walk to the pub in Lochinver for a meal and thought the promise of a big slice of chocolate cake was the better option and that is the only reason we decided to return to Isle Martin where we finished the other half of the last bottle of Gordons as an a aperitif before a steak dinner with  wine and  Woods.

Sunday was a leisurely affair until some of us advanced on the writers retreat to wrestle a delicious curry from the Croft House Cafe.

In the afternoon we had a race from Rhu light to the ferry pier which M.B. won handsomely in the light airs...both on line honours and handicap...as E.G. lingered lonesomely on the left bank of the loch.

All in all, a great weekend and just think, we'll try and repeat it in 2018.

Cheers, Donald

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