LBSC's role in the genesis of Ullapool coastal rowing is often overlooked. Ten years after the original syndicate was formed, skiffing is thriving and provides a perfect foil to sailing for those for whom wafting about under canvas is less preferable than flapping around at the end of bits of wood... Hats off to all! W(wind)AFIs and O(oar)AFIs.

Loch Broom Sailing Club, Ullapool Facebook Page

Those who hate Facebook need read no further (Donald). Many people will sympathise with our Commodore, however... used correctly it does offer members a forum to tell us what they are up to, post photos and videos and enquire about upcoming events.

Come to think of it, when are, and what are the upcoming events? We've been promised a programme for months.

Anyone without an aversion to Facebook can find, and join the group which is helpfully called Loch Broom Sailing Club, Ullapool. At the time of writing 22 people had joined, but being a public group, anyone can post a comment, or a Like, and will be able to do so unless it gets nasty, or we start to attract trolls and ne'rdo-wells.

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