Club Update

This weekend saw much activity and progress as the new distressed oak vinyl floor was laid by a team of skilled craftsmen, volunteers from our very own ranks (NB it's much easier than it looks).

Reactions have ranged from "it's a little too dark" to "it's far too light", with some people even suggesting we'd have been better just replacing the old carpet. You can't please everyone, but most have expressed approval, and once the furniture is chosen, the club room will come alive; bright in the summer with sun streaming through the windows, and cosier in winter when we hope to have more social get togethers, curry nights, lectures and one suggestion, for which the new floor will be admirably suited, a ceilidh.

We also have acquired a (fairly) large screen TV for the watching of Scotland being thrashed by Wales, or England being slaughtered by Ireland (next time that is), France walking over Italy, or any combination thereof.

We might even watch some yachting, or play sail training videos (but probably just the rugby...).

There is much more to be done, namely reflooring the rest of the club, excluding the changing room for the time being, renewing the ceiling, electrical work and stripping out the kitchen. We are also planning to have an outside hot shower plumbed in for those suffering from imminent hypothermia, or simply to wash off salt from wetsuits and hair.

Other structural work includes a temporary fix to the leaking S/SW side/corner of the roof, once the weather makes that possible, a rack for the skiff oars and a secure locker for LBSC members' oars.

If you have a skill that can be employed, do step forward as there is much to be done before the season, fast approaching.


NOW, PLEASE an appeal to all members. Could those who have lifejackets and junior wetsuits at the club claim them as soon as possible. Some are worn or otherwise past their sell by, but others look serviceable. In every case, the lifejackets need checking, but first they need to be claimed.

And for those few who have yet to change their subscriptions to reflect the new increase, now's the time.

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