Sailing on Hold?

No one knows how long we will be in isolation or when sailing can start again. The advice to members is exactly the same as that given by governments and scientists: be brutally conscientious in avoiding risks, and we all know what they are by now.

The club remains open, but quite frankly there's little point in suggesting anyone goes in until work on the refurbishment recommences. The ceiling's down in the clubroom, and the changing room choc a bloc with stuff. We'll be in good shape, however, to get cracking again as and when with much of the work either planned or completed.

In any case, it would be nigh on impossible to keep surfaces, handles etc disinfected. As for the loo...

There might be scope to launch a few FFs before too long but the advice seems pretty clear: avoid all activity in close company, and unless you can be sure your crew is clean, then you'd be a bit daft to launch and might even draw down the wrath of those ashore.

The club officers, rest assured, are as much in the dark as anyone, and in the same boat (albeit 2m apart!)

One thing that is clear: despite no AGM to date, the Commodore, officers and committee remain in place for the time being.

Keep an eye on Facebook for news which will, inevitably, be few and far between.

And please, keep posting on Facebook if you have anything to lift spirits, or get off your chest.

Time now to brush up on the racing rules: NB there is no Mast Abeam Rule


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