Loch Broom Sailing Club
Minutes of Meeting 28th December 2019 at 16:00 in the Clubhouse

1)      Present/Apologies
Present: Donald Buchanan (Chair & Commodore: DB), David Maxwell (DM), John Mitchell (JM), John Osborne (JO), Sandy Osborne (SO), Paul Copestake (PC), David Dawson (Secretary: DD),

Apologies:, Adrian Morgan (Vice Commodore: AM)

2)      Approval of Draft Minutes of Previous Meetings
There being a quorum (min 5). the minutes of the committee meeting of 13th April 2019 were discussed and approved unanimously.

3)      Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere)
·         PC to affiliate the club to the RYA – expected cost c£150  DB.
·         FF mooring inspected and third club FF insured under existing policy.

4)      FF Update
Moorings: to be inspected as usual.
Club Boats: Launch 2 plus one if required.
                   Allocate individual responsibility in the spring
5)      Junior Sailing Update
W/C 27th July to be confirmed by DM
Two sessions daily for 9 students per session.
Robin booked, second instructor Jack needs accommodation plus a contribution.
Form a sub group to engage youngsters before & after the Pico week. DM

6)      Clubhouse Update
SO outlined approx. timings for board walk proposal, min 5 years before second phase of work that compromises the clubhouse. In the meantime:

6.1 Main Purpose
Following discussion, it was agreed that discussions be held with the skiffers and other marine activity parties to explore the opportunities/interest in sharing the clubhouse facilities. Approach Jonathan Reid as first step. DB

6.2  Interim
Building on the previous work of Adrian, it is proposed that the clubhouse receive a modern uplift. It is proposed that a budget of around £2,000 be allocated (having saved this amount from the intended contribution to the asphalt) .  Costings for main items from Gordon Wink DB
In the main club room:
·         Preserving limited essential items, dispose of all soft furnishings, bar and contents, shelf contents & carpet
·         Ceiling, walls and woodwork professionally redecorated
·         Floor professionally sealed and vinyl wood effect flooring installed
·         Add wood bench seating along window walls
·         Improved lighting
In the changing room
·         Remove oars to the shed
·         Add garage type interlocking flooring
Hall, kitchen and loo
·         Floor professionally sealed and install vinyl flooring

Bank Balance
Membership Income

Membership income down but low expenditure means increased funds in the account.

2020 Subscriptions
Members to be emailed with the new subscriptions due. DM/JM
Skiffers subscription of £400 to be reviewed for 2020. DM/DB.

8)      Club Social events

Seaforth event a social and financial success, DB had already thanked the management and staff.

9)      Cruising Update
January meeting to agree the timetable

10)  AOB
Next meeting Jan 25th to agree AGM and outline sailing plan.

There being no other business, the meeting finished at 18:00

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