Loch Broom Sailing Club
Draft Minutes 14 April 2018 at 16:00 in the offices of UHT

1)      Present/Apologies

Present: Donald Buchanan (Chair & Commodore DB), Paul Copestake (PC), David Dawson (Secretary DD), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer DM), Adrian Morgan (Vice Commodore AM), John Osborne (JO), Sandy Osborne (SO),  Nat Wilson (NW)
Apologies: Rona Johnson (RJ), Gilly Meighan (GM), Gill Wilson (GW), Morag Forrest (MF), John Mitchell (JM).

2)      Approval of Draft Minutes of Previous Meetings

The proposals to approve the minutes of the committee meetings of 3rd February 2018 were proposed by AM &NW and duly approved.

3)      Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere) - None

4)      Membership: Payment of Subs, Benefits, Application Form

Subscription Meeting
DD outlined that earlier in the month DB, RJ, DM, MF, JM & DD met to discuss the payment of subs. The overwhelming proportion of members pay their subs on time and without problem. A few members take disproportionate effort on the part of the membership secretary before they pay. The consensus of the subscription meeting was that:
·        carrot is better than stick and recommend that payments before a cut-off date should be entitled to an ‘early bird’ discount by means of authorising an increased default subscription rate to apply to payments received after the cut-off date.
·        the preferred payment method should change to dated annual payment and that standing order be removed from the new member form.

A few members appear to pay by standing order and pay their subscription without fail or reminder but in late March & April (the constitution says by 1st March).

Unless an EGM is called, the only time when subscriptions can be increased is at the AGM and then for the following year. i.e. The 2019 AGM can change the 2020 subs etc.

The committee discussed the subcommittee proposal. Various suggestions were made regarding the treatment of late payers, penalties and increases in subscriptions. DM suggested no current need for an increase in the basic subscription, others took a different position. After discussion it was agreed that the Subscription Meeting proposals for a default subscription level and changed preferred payment method be implemented.

The levels of ‘Early Bird’ and Default subscription will be agreed at the committee meeting before the 2019 AGM; it is around five years since the last increase. ALL

Senior level family subscriptions are available only to couples where both are over 65.

Membership Benefits – to be made clearer on the website and set out on the new membership form. AM & MF and JM

5)      Wee Pier

SO set out the progress of the work at week 7 of 12 planned though thought likely to over-run to June. The old pier perimeter has been concreted in preparation of a steel extension of 18m to which concrete caissons will be added, the perimeter rail will then be added. Roy Macgregor is on standby if the Club’s mooring trot needs to be moved.

On   the ramp to the road, the armour stone to the seaward edge to be concreted. PC expressed concern about the Club house sewage pipe. The boat park is to have new edging and a ramp the beach running towards the main pier.

An exterior electricity supply to be added to the clubhouse with the electricity to be paid for by UHT. Discussions to be had for UHT to pay for all of the clubhouse electricity with LBSC paying UHT for LBSC use SO.

Meter reading needed at the end of the contractor’s work. All

It is expected that after the work, the underwater contours will be returned to normal.

6)      FF Report

Following relaunch of Pioneer AM to check the FF trot. Noted that per the last meeting the trot has one fewer moorings. AM
Launch for AM, DM & two club FFs will probably be from the main pier around 29/4. AM
Sailing dates to be added to the diary.

7)      Skiffing Report

The refurbished Loki now on Loch Achall.
PC reported that the school is promoting skiffing and it was agreed that in the event Loki is asked for, conditions be required to minimise the risk of damage. PC
Launch will probably be from the main pier.

DB to have overall responsibility for Club social events including finances. All receipts and expenses to continue to flow through Club bank accounts. DB

9)      AOB

It was agreed that a list of improvements be prepared for after the work on the Wee Pier is completed and reviewed in June. Candidates discussed:
-          Racking for tenders, dinghies, Pico and Toppers
-          Refurbishment of benches
-          Clubhouse
-          Separate shower/toilet portacabin
It was also agreed that the space outside the clubhouse be tidied up in keeping with the improved surroundings. All

Next meeting 25th May at 19:30 venue TBA
Jumble sale to be held at main regatta. GM?
Shakedown cruise (18-19 May) perhaps to link with skiffs at Isle Martin. JO?
Consideration for visiting local regattas. All

There being no other business, the meeting finished at 17:25

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