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      Loch Broom Sailing Club

Minutes of Meeting 12th March 2021 at 17:30 by conference call


1)      Present/Apologies

Donald Buchanan (Chair & Commodore: DB), Paul Copestake (PC), David Dawson (Secretary: DD), Sandy Osborne (SO), John Osborne (JO), Robert White (RW), Adrian Morgan (Vice Commodore: AM).


Apologies: Alison Osborne (AO), Bobby Osborne (BO), Gill Wilson (GW), John Mitchell (JM), Nat Wilson (NW) ), Anthony O’Flaherty (AF), Gilly Meighan (GM), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer: DM).


2)      Minutes and matters arising

The minutes for the meeting on 19th February were approved and it was agreed that the prizegiving date be set when the release of Covid restriction becomes clearer.


3)      AGM

Office-Bearers and Committee

It was reported that there had been no formal nominations yet from the outside the committee. PC is willing to stand as Commodore and DD & DM are happy to continue as secretary and treasurer; these candidates will therefore be presented for confirmation at the AGM.  The committee agreed that the posts of Vice Commodore and other members of the committee will be determined on the night either from the floor or by requests for nomination received between now and the AGM.   At the AGM existing committee members will be adopted if willing to remain active.  It was noted that the committee can be up to 12 additional folk but only requires enough to ensure that committees have the required quorum of 5.  Members can be co-opted by the committee outside the AGM.


The next AGM communication to members will include: a Zoom link, reminder about the office-bearer nomination process and the Committee’s recommendation. Accompanying this will be the Commodore and Treasurer’s reports.DD


Apart from Office -bearers, there will be:

-          a brief outline of hoped for sailing activity PC and

-          a brief of the status of the clubhouse committee SO

4)      AOB

Shore St/Inner harbour development plan

It was agreed that the committee write to Kevin Peach re the Shore St/Inner harbour development plan. JO to draft.


Current Clubhouse

Thanks to AM who has completed the decoration of the club room.JO will oversee the completing of lighting, changing toom, galley and loo. It was agreed that the club fund a professional cleaner starting from the time when the clubhouse is back in use.


Future of Clubhouse

PC outlined the state of work by the group with the aim of conducting consultation with potential partner groups to ascertain their wants and the conducting of a feasibility study. JO has provided a project plan for the study which will possibly be funded by HIE.


5)      Close

There being no other business, the meeting finished at 18:10

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