Anyone for FFs?

I had this email from Chanonry SC. The idea being for a friendly weekend of match racing and general messing about in FFs, possibly using just club boats for the matches, but mixing it up with the fleet racing.

BBQ on beach, etc, or under the Commodore's car port, if  there's room beside the Commodore's Land Rover...

No set ideas, but I reckon four crew from Chanonry, or maybe six?

Hello Adrian
> I'm the new Sailing Secretary for CSC. Helen Jenner forwarded your e-mail
> to me where you mentioned the possibility of match racing in your Flying
> Fifteens.
> I used to sail Flying Fifteens down on the Clyde. I am also trying to set
> up some match racing and team racing in dinghies within the club, in the
> first instance, but if this proves successful would like to extend this to
> include other clubs and organisations.
> So your offer of match racing in Flying Fifteens has come at an opportune
> moment. Please let me know if you have any dates in mind. I would
> certainly like to come over if we can find a mutually convenient weekend
> and am happy to try and find others who might join me.
> Look forward to hearing from you
> David

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