Latest Committee Meeting Minutes 11th July


Minutes of Meeting 11nd July 2020 at 16:30 outside the clubhouse


1)      Present/Apologies

Donald Buchanan (Chair & Commodore: DB), Paul Copestake (PC), David Dawson (Secretary: DD), Sandy Osborne (SO), John Osborne (JO), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer: DM), Robert White (RW), Adrian Morgan (Vice Commodore: AM), Anthony O’Flaherty (AF), Nat Wilson (NW).


Apologies: Gilly Meighan (GM), Alison Osborne (AO), Bobby Osborne (BO), Gill Wilson (GW), John Mitchell (JM),


2)      Approval of Draft Minutes of Previous Meetings

There being a quorum, the minutes of the committee meeting of 30th May 2020 were approved unanimously.


3)      Matters Arising carried forward

Seasavers no longer want to erect marquee in dinghy park.


4)      LBSC Covid Response

Tourism is opening up as government restrictions ease. The slip, dinghy park is public space and the exterior of the club is also accessible by public. In response PC outlined the formation of a small group to advise members on the correct procedures for.

·        Club house – currently closed, but subject to rules, use of toilets.

·        Yachts and tenders, visiting yachts.

·        Flying Fifteens

·        Dinghies and Safety Boats.

·        Skiffs

·        Additional cleaning kit

PC was asked to lead this activity with DB, JL & GM on the group. Sources will include other sailing clubs.


5)      Clubhouse Roof

Structure: SO reported that a builder will visit 13th July to quote for the structural repairs and also look at the roof covering. DM reported that in the awareness of the condition of the roof had given the club a few years to complete the work.


The Covid response group will advise on use of the clubhouse and the club’s other facilities.


6)      Finance Report

DM outlined the current position having £10.8k in the bank after paying for insurance. The Club has received Rates relief of £0.5k. Very few membership fees are outstanding and over/under payments are also limited.


7)      Subscriptions

The various proposals were discussed and the following agreed

-          No reduction in annual subs but recognition of restricted activity perhaps at Christmas.

-          Club mooring fees confirmed.

-          No change to dinghy park charges.


8)      Junior Sailing Week Update

DM outlined the current Covid restrictions rendering the Junior Week impractical.


9)      AOB

AF asked about use of the Club Feva, informal discussions to be had.

Trolley for ffredom needs wheel/hub attention. NW and JO

SO proposed the purchase of new LBSC embroidered clothing – agreed.


The club FFs need at least one buoyancy bag and AM to coordinate ordering with other FF owners adding to the order as required.

Discussion of moving default racing days. Aim 2 per week possibly Wed & Sat – forum discussion to follow.



There being no other business, the meeting finished at 17:30

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