Loch Broom Post Boat for Sale

Before we had Robyn in her little red van, the postie would deliver mail in a boat something like this. Here's a chance to relive those days when Achiltibuie and remote communities were served by sea. If the roads aren't repaired soon, maybe the time has come to revive the service.

TEL: 01556-660007. HOME. MOBILE: 07399552192.
EM: dhart503@btinternet.com

First Race of the Season!!

Two Flying Fifteens and a couple of cruisers took the first steps on Sunday in reestablishing the LBSC's reputation as a racing establishment after eight months in hibernation.

Paul on his own and Sandy, with Sean, plus John and Shona aboard Twister, and the Vice crewed by Nick and Sue lined up at 12.30 for a prompt start scheduled for midday.

After a false start (it's been a while since the last time we raced, and memories are dimming) Paul, Sandy and Adrian hit the line more or less on the gun, while John in Twister elected to play Special Rule 7 (b) ii (the start shall be any of the blue buoys, so long as the finish is between the same two).

Alas, en route to the Winkie the lure of a cold beer and a salami sandwich at Loggie saw Twister peel off . And now there were three.

A short time later, with Paul stretching into a commanding lead, Sandy was seen to be, ahem, having problems with his jib, and he too elected to return. In fairness that same evening he was seen to be fiddling with something on the foredeck, which could have been a cunning psychological ploy. You never know with Sandy.

Meanwhile back to the racing where Norma B and Sally are heading to the Winkie, with Paul some way ahead. At which point the Sally crew decided that Twister's idea (a picnic at Loggie) made the most sense. Cutting the Arch buoy, they too headed south where the Twisters were well into their second gin and tonics, judging by the raucous laughter.

Fortified by Nick's hamper (the foie gras was especially fine) and several glasses of Krug Superior, and with a wave of farewell from Twister, Sally too head home, into a bracing north westerly.

All in all a typical LBSC race. You could say that Paul won. You could say...

Scottish Series

While waiting for the work to finish on the Wee Pier, the Vice took time off to race aboard a 43ft McGruer, an 8 Metre cruiser/racer, built in 1947 and the first from the yard after the war, in the Scottish Series, based at Tarbert Loch Fyne.

With nine races, seven to count, Kelana posted a series of consistent mid (OK, below mid-fleet results) and one first place finish. Mixing an old wooden boat with 100 plastics, the cream of the Scottish fleet, you have to be lucky and smart to save your time, and we were scratch boat.

The long and windy passage race would have given Kelana another place but for the loss of a primary winch, ripped off the coaming under the load of a bar tight genoa sheet. She was up and running next day for the final two races of a series that took place under blazing sun and generally light to moderate winds. Perfect, in fact.

Wee Pier Update 2

Sandy, our Wee Pier Liaison Officer, reported as follows:

"After much deliberation yesterday afternoon [17/05/18] it looks like they [Lochshell] will fail to complete the outer end this tide and it is unlikely to be done on the next spring - so more likely the 15th June spring, meaning completion by end June.

"If they go for bigger pumps and hit the end of May spring then mid June is possible but unlikely in my opinion.

"They will abandon the outer end and complete all works to the upper end by the end of May but the outer bund will remain. There will be beach access to the west but they may leave the east ramp until last making east access difficult."

At the committee meeting this weekend a decision will be made about the club's loo. A number of options will be discussed to find a solution that is both environmentally responsible and cost effective.