The newest addition to the LBSC fleet, Hope, skipper Martin Shairp, plays host to thirsty members at the end of the Campbell's Trophy race to Isle Martin which, by rights, her skipper firmly believes, if there's any justice, she will have won (he'll learn...)

Campbell's Trophy

It didn't look promising, the morning of 11th August. Windless, and looking like that for the day. An urgent appeal to SEPA's representative on earth, Paul Copestake, elicited a gloomy response so it was left to the Rev Alastair to say an impromptu prayer and lo, the wind began to blow; not a lot, because the Almighty was aware of the many transgressions made by the wickeder members of the LBSC, but enough to get the boats moving.

At the start - thanks Chris, Neil and Diane in the RIB - it was Paul and Tim on Thembi who made the best of it, closer in to the pier to stretch away with Hope, Martin Shairp's fine old Standfast on her transom. A split of tacks, Thembi going inshore out of the tide, and Hope further out in better breeze, and the latter was away, never to be challenged seriously again, to post a comfortable lead at the pontoon on Isle Martin, followed by Kumairi, then Thembi and Twister and Alastair's new Westerly with the former owner, a retired doctor from Lochcarron,  aboard. Rumour has it that a spinnaker was flown, as was an assymetric on Hope round the back side of the island.

Miraculously Mairi Bhan, having caught a private breeze, was awaiting the fleet at the finish, the lure of cake no doubt spurring them to feats of sailing that were the envy of the fleet.

The Rev Macdonald, after summoning up a breeze,  decides that walking on water is perhaps a step too far...
After the finish it was all aboard Hope's spacious cockpit, followed by a barbecue on the pontoon to keep the midges - which have been lying low for much of the summer - at bay.

All but Hope, Thembi and Mairi Bhan left for home. And that night, and next morning all awoke with hangovers to a gale from the east, and a hard beat back to Ullapool.

And the winner? We live in Hope... but it's all in the lap of the Osbornes, (as usual).


For obvious reasons it has been impossible to plan a programme for 2108. Now the Wee Pier is finished, here are some key dates to take us through to the end of the season.

July 23-28th Pico Week. Contact Dave Maxwell for more details.

August 4th Wee Pier Celebration Day, barbecue, silly races etc. Ideas welcome.

August 11th Campbell's Cup Trophy Race around Isle Martin. All cruising boats welcome. Start time to be announced.

August 25th/26th Regatta and Saturday Jumble Sale. Bring out your junk. Recycle your nautical rubbish.

September 15th Storm Cruise.

December 15th LBSC 2018 party and prize giving at the Ceildidh Place.

Flying Fifteen racing to be decided on an ad hoc basis.

Draft committee meeting minutes 6th July


Minutes of Committee Meeting 6th July 2018 at 19:30 outside the Clubhouse (draft)

1)      Present/Apologies

Present: Donald Buchanan (Chair & Commodore DB), Paul Copestake (PC), David Dawson (Secretary DD), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer DM), Adrian Morgan (Vice Commodore AM), John Osborne (JO), Sandy Osborne (SO), Nat Wilson.
Apologies: Gilly Meighan, Bobby and Alison Osborne,  Rona Johnson, Gill Wilson, Morag Forrest, John Mitchell.

2)      Approval of Draft Minutes of Previous Meetings

The proposals to approve the minutes of the committee meetings of 1st June 2018 were proposed and duly approved.

3)      Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere)


4)      Wee Pier/Clubhouse

SO reported work largely complete. Still to do: replacement railings beside the pavement.
Low railing at pier start to protect cars/people from drop.
Harbour Trust thanked in the UN. Note to Donald, should we have thanked Sandy? My  UN note said thanks to harbour tust and harbourmaster
DM to send current and future electricity bills to UHT. DM
NB Metre readings for Lochshell period amount to £374 (14.42p/unit +5% VAT)

5)      FF Report

Payment £100 cash agreed to Roy MacGregor for moving the Club trot back into its original position. DM & DB
FF Trailers, AM’s to stay at the top of the pier others to be stored elsewhere. All
Work needed on the Club’s ffavanious NW.

6)      Junior Sailing – Pico Week 23 – 28 July

18 young people signed up and all preparation proceeding well DM. Pioner to be on trot for the week and rib to be available with replaced prop guard SO.

7)      Clubhouse

AM thanked for his work sorting the Clubs building and surrounds following completion of Wee Pier works.
Dinghy Rack – work planned for autumn hopefully using the railings to the pavement shortly to be replaced by UHT. JO?
Picos to be stored on the road trailer towards the West slip with alongside Toppers. Moving East, dinghies to be next followed by Skiffs at the top of the pier. Pending the dinghy rack, inflatable dinghies to remain against road revetment. Work party for Pico and Topper dinghies 14th July. All
It was proposed that tiedown eyes be added to the dinghy park. PC?
Parking to be short stay only, it was noted that UHT intend removing vehicles and trailers overstaying with their Manitou. Orderly parking behind the Royal is available. Club members to be advised of parking and dinghy storage policy and to remind members of Gael force club account and forthcoming ‘thank you’ event? DB
The possible addition of a shower in the changing room was discussed. Likely cost around £500. Concerns about maintenance and particularly safeguarding at Pico week were raised and no actions agreed at this stage.
Plans for a new upper floor were tabled and it was agreed that PC & DB and others meet planning officer Dorothy Stott to advise planning acceptability of proposal. PC DB

Main cruise to Orkney completed. Campbell Cup 11th August NW to talk to the Isle Martin Trust. Regatta 25th -26th August.

9)      Treasurer’s Report

The club has around £9k ‘free’ after payment of £1.5k for insurance and £2k agreed contribution to asphalt to dinghy park. Insurance terms to be commented on NW.

10)  Club Social events

Given the poor start to the season’s sailing as a result of the Wee pier work, it is proposed that an event involving UHT, skiffs and the Club be held to celebrate the new Wee Pier with a provisional date of 4th August. DB/All

11)  AOB

Next meeting TBA

There being no other business, the meeting finished at 20:23


Our club RIB is having a new prop guard fitted, which will reduce the risk of endangering those in the water.

But it is not the answer on its own. The RYA have published guidelines for RIB drivers, and they make essential reading.

The text is on a new page in the Pages section above labelled "RIB Safety"

The most effective way of avoiding prop strike injuries is by avoiding a person being in the water anywhere near a moving propeller in the first place. 

The RYA therefore believes that the focus should be on following several basic and essential good practices, including:
  • Keep a proper look out at all times
  • Check the area around the engine for hazards before starting the engine
  • Use a kill cord whenever the engine is running
  • Stop the engine when there is a risk of a person in the water coming into contact with the propeller
  • When swimming around a boat ensure the engine cannot be started inadvertently
  • Ensure passengers and crew are aware of the need to maintain good handholds whilst under way
  • Communicate changes in direction or speed to passengers
  • Warn passengers when approaching wash or areas of rough water
  • When operating at speed, ensure passengers are not positioned or seated in the bow where they can be easily thrown out of the boat if it stops suddenly
  • Operate at a speed appropriate to the conditions
  • Observe restricted or no go areas designated for swimmers
  • Utilise a spotter when towing water skiers or inflatables
  • Where dedicated seating is available have passengers use it in preference to sitting on gunwales or sponsons
  • Warn passengers of the hazard associated with falling in, in particular prop strike