Thembi, among the best boats on the Loch (after Sally, of course, which is actually off the loch now, in Tim and Dan's yard having her 82-year refit)

Committee Meeting 2nd March: A preview...

A committee meeting has been pencilled in for Saturday 2 March. More details and agenda to follow.

However, for those new to the club, or new to the committee and its Byzantine workings, here by popular demand is a brief description of how the LBSC makes its decisions.

NB. Those who have been members for 30 years or more will already know the rules, which are:

1. Committee meetings are convened simply to rubber stamp decisions made prior to the meeting at The Royal Bar.

2. The Commodore invariably starts by hoping the meeting will be brief (laughter).

3. The high and low points of the past season are debated. The lows, arguably, have been lower than ever, until those who have been in the club for ever point out that compared to some of the lows in the past these lows could in fact be considered as highs (applause).

4. There will be a discussion about dinghy parking (inconclusive)

5. Actions agreed at committee meetings are invariably not actioned by the time of the next meeting.

6. The Commodore's decision is final, unless there are objections, which is often the case, in which case the Commodore's decision is not final.

NB The Secretary reserves the right to amend the minutes as, in any case, no one present will remember what's been agreed anyway.

The committee repairs to The Royal to unpick any decisions and formulate new ones.

...er, that's about it. 


Something to Look Forward To...

This year's prize giving party will not be at the Ceilidh Place. After four years, it is time to move on. The options will be discussed at the next committee meeting, but the Commodore's initial thoughts are as follows:

"This year I propose to hold a separate evening for the prize giving which would be held after the school break in October. At the moment, I think an End of Season Curry Night and Prize giving at the Clubhouse on the 2nd November would fit in nicely.

That would leave the Annual Dinner with just Nabbies Tale and Paul’s PowerPoint Presentation."

Venue(s) to be decided, and members' opinions would be welcomed.

Danger: Before you Scrape your Antifoul...

No, not the toxins or the dust (wear a mask and goggles or scrape upwind) but the danger to other people if you are not careful, or of a malicious temperament.

After buying a scraper tool from Tool Station on line, I had an email from the sales team asking for my passport.

I will say that again, ... asking to see my passport.

It appears that anyone buying a paint scraper from Tool Station (it is probably the same for Screwfix) must prove they are over 16, in case they decide to go on a raging, hormone-fuelled teenage rampage, armed with a... scraper.

I could not believe it myself. Ah, but it was true. No passport; no scraper. No amount of pleading. Did I sound like a 16-year old hoodlum? Clearly yes (which was a bit of a boost to my 60+-year-old ego).

In the end I sent them a photo of my passport, and today I received my scraper.

I imagine it would have been the same if I had ordered a screw driver, no doubt to stab myself in the eye, self harm or even, extract a screw.

Wee Pier News

Contractors will be working on the Wee Pier for 10 days or so, which probably means no launching in that time. The perimeter bouldering is to be consolidated, and a triangular section of concrete added to avoid the nasty drop. The club is open but will be used by the contractors, who have a key.