Dan Johnson and Tim Loftus's latest launching is this Caledonia Yawl, destined for top honours no doubt at this year's rally on the canal. "Goes like smoke" is the comment from the man hanging by his fingernails to the tiller (note the rudder arm and push/pull tiller itself. Very Scandinavian.


We won't be able to match the turnout of former years when, at times, we had nine Flying Fifteens afloat and racing, so this year it'll be more a case of simply getting out on the water as often as possible.

Dave Maxwell has set up a WhatsApp group to alert everyone to the opportunity of mid-week sailing.

If you haven't already signed up, please do so.

 This year we have three club boats ready and waiting to be sailed, and everyone who feels confident in taking the tiller of a Flying Fifteen should make the most of it.

Favonius is the oldest and less valuable of the three; Freedom and Yellow are equally simple to sail but are of a higher order of competitiveness (should anyone, perish the thought) be tempted to engage in friendly rivalry.

Please read the notes I sent out about rigging, and picking up moorings.

Safe sailing all.

Alert: New Fees in 2020

The committee debated the need at its last meeting to increase the subscriptions by a modest amount in 2020, to take into account inflation, dwindling reserves and declining membership income, though I hasten to add, not membership numbers per se.

Charges will not have been raised for some six years, and there are few who would argue that it is not good value for money. Just look at the facilities; the cosy clubhouse, the immaculate tarmac, the shed, the... craic, the sailing even?

Seriously, the time had come, bethought the committee, to make a modest increase of about 10% (actually 9.6% to be precise). It would, for example, raise a family (no children) from £65 to £70, the aim being to make any increase a round number (ie £5 or £10 at most).

When the time comes, it will mean changing standing orders or direct debits, which will cause our long suffering treasurer major trauma unless members are proactive.

Here's the official line, from the Hon Sec, to the members of the committee, and if anyone has any comments to make before the deadline, you know who to collar.

At the AGM, the membership authorised an increase in the 2020 membership in line with the 10% inflation since the last fee increase in 2014. The increase had to be agreed by the committee by the end of May.
 I am writing on behalf of Donald and I with the proposed changes all much as discussed at the committee meeting. Using the membership numbers in 2017 (the latest I have available), the overall increase is 9.6%. No changes are proposed for any day or weekly memberships or Junior and Loki categories. All others to nearest £10 or £5.

Mooring checks

What keeps us awake at night, when the storms of winter are blowing, is what's happening 25ft down on the seabed.

The problem of getting regular mooring checks has never been easy and seems to be getting harder. The gallant and often unpaid efforts of friends and divers has kept our boats safe for years. But it's a thankless and unrewarding job.

The Loch Broom Mooring Owners' Association by its own admission is primarily a tax collecting body, and while it insists owners check their gear, insure their boats (almost impossible for a boat left to overwinter, by the way) and register the mooring's position, it does not, despite what the name implies, actively help owners keep their moorings safe, or even regulate where they are laid. That is up to the reps in the various mooring locations, Loggie, Ardmair, Ullapool. The £40 we pay every year is cheap, but for what? A plastic tag giving us the right to lay a mooring; not the ownership of the sea bed, or the radius of the swing. Failure to pay risks having the right to the mooring rescinded and the mooring removed.

No one is suggesting this as an alternative; we are legally obliged to register and pay for the right to moor a boat, and membership of the LBMOA is obligatory and also gives us a welcome discount.

What has been suggested is that mooring owners in the three locations form separate bodies, perhaps paying a nominal sum each year which will go towards paying for regular inspections.

It is in everyone's interest that their neighbours' boats are well moored, so a communal fund would be used to ensure every mooring is fit for purpose.

The ad hoc arrangement has worked up until now, but is it not time to put things on a better basis?

This year we were offered the services of a professional diver to check our gear and clean our risers. That was an improvement, albeit a pricey one, as the fee did not include any remedial work.

Something to discuss over a pint or two at The Royal perhaps?

Latest Draft Committee Minutes

LBSC Draft Minutes 19 January 2019 page 1
Loch Broom Sailing Club
Minutes of Meeting 13th April 2019 at 16:00 in the Clubhouse
1) Present/Apologies
Present: Donald Buchanan (Chair & Commodore: DB), Paul Copestake (PC), David Dawson (Secretary: DD),
Apologies:, Adrian Morgan (Vice Commodore: AM), Gilly Meighan (GM), Sandy Osborne (SO)
The quorum is five members as only three present, the agenda was discussed.
2) Approval of Draft Minutes of Previous Meetings
The approval the minutes of the committee meeting of 2nd March 2019 was held over to the next meeting.
3) Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere)
PC to affiliate the club to the RYA – expected cost c£150 PC.
4) FF Update
Moorings: As last minutes - The club trot must be inspected annually with the last inspection in June 18. SO to approach Roy with a view of moving the trot at high tide for inspection at low water. SO
Club Boats: The club’s new ff, due to arrive this week. Per last minutes, it was agreed that we aim for the Club’s insurance cover three boats for the same cost, reducing the insured value of each boat so that the aggregate value is kept to the current £3k. DB
Meeting to be held to discuss FF sailing on Thurs 18th @ 19:30 in the Clubhouse. PC
5) Junior Sailing Update W/C 8th July
All per last minutes
6) Clubhouse Update
C/F from previous meeting Plans for a new upper floor were tabled and it was agreed that PC & DB and others meet planning officer Dorothy Stott to advise planning acceptability of proposal. PC DB
LBSC Draft Minutes 19 January 2019 page 2
Building on the previous work of Adrian, it is proposed that the clubhouse receive a modern uplift. It is proposed that a budget of around £2,000 be allocated (having saved this amount from the intended contribution to the asphalt) .
In the main club room:
• Preserving limited essential items, dispose of all soft furnishings, bar and contents, shelf contents & carpet
• Ceiling, walls and woodwork professionally redecorated
• Floor professionally sealed and vinyl wood effect flooring installed
• Add wood bench seating along window walls
In the changing room
• Remove oars to the shed
• Add garage type interlocking flooring
Hall, kitchen and loo
• Floor professionally sealed and install vinyl flooring
Clubhouse Surrounds
Work Party on 20th April: Discussion of dinghy park and roadside wall organisation; possible numbering of spaces opening the possibility of charging for nominated spaces.
7) Treasurer’s Report
Held over
2020 Subscriptions
As agreed at the AGM, 2020 subscriptions to rise with inflation since 2014 – c 10%
It is not proposed to change any fees for less than one year

Current Annual
Proposed Annual

Family (sailing children)

Family (no sailing children)

Family (>65, no kids)




Skiff Only

Day Rate

DB read out the names of those yet to pay their 2019 subscriptions.
8) Club Social events
Held over
9) Cruising Update
Held over
10) AOB
There being no other business, the meeting finished at 17:30