Draft Minutes 3rd May


      Loch Broom Sailing Club

Draft Minutes of Meeting 3rd May at 18:30 conference call


1)      Present/Apologies

Paul Copestake (Commodore: PC), John Osborne (Vice Commodore: JO), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer: DM), David Dawson (Secretary: DD), Sandy Osborne (SO), Robert White (RW), Adrian Morgan (AM), Gilly Meighan (GM), Donald Buchanan (DB), Anthony O’Flaherty (AF).

Apologies: John Mitchell (JM)


2)      Minutes and matters arising

The minutes for the committee meeting on 6th April were proposed seconded and approved. There were no matters arising not on the agenda.


3)      Clubhouse and Surrounds

a)      Existing Clubhouse

Adrian was commended for his efforts to get the clubhouse ready for this season. JO said we need ‘hard’ chairs and a table to complete the Club Room. Potential free/cheap furniture to be run past JO. All

b)     Future Clubhouse

PC said that he and SO will meet the RYA on Wednesday 5th May. PC & SO

c)      Boat park - Access

PC met with Kevin Peach UHT Harbourmaster (to be a monthly catch up).  Kevin raised concerns he had received that the boat park does not leave room for emergency access to the inner harbour beach and is generally too full facilitate turning room for cars and trailers launching boats.   As an initial step, members to keep dinghy/boat parking away from the clubhouse side of the boat park and dinghies to remain moveable. All Possible future steps include boxed junction type markings in cleared area and sign at the top of the ramp, to look again at options for reducing the footprint of dinghies (rack?)  PC to inform members

d)     Boat Park - Trailers

As an extension of c) Three out of four FF trailers to be moved to a secure area in the village with one being left in the boat park for emergency use. RW

e)      Wee Pier Cleaning Rota

Per PC’s note, the Club has signed up to 6 cleanings of the Wee Pier top this season. All encouraged to sign up to share the work. All


4)      Covid Update

PC reported that this is opening up now with current permitted activity as follows:

Youth contact sport - including Saturday morning supervised sailing,

Adult non-contact - including single household FF racing and family overnight cruising

Outside meeting up to 6 from 3 families

Clubhouse use of loo and changing facilities only

More opening up expected in following weeks.


5)      Sailing and Water Activities

a)      Champions

FF - AM is stepping back as FF Committee Champion, replacement TBA

Youth – Jason

Adult training - PGC

Cruising – JO

Rowing – PC relinquishing role, replacement TBA

b)     Activity

FF – Warm up racing already commenced, Ffavaneous to be launched

Youth – JL reported a good start to Saturday AM sailing with all Picos afloat and expectations of Topper (with AF’s repair work) and Feva expected to be used in future. Possibility of Feva for sale. Radio fettling still in progress. Club rib engine starts and runs but awaiting service. Pioneer Yamaha also needs servicing, (water pump service kit purchased in case required to address poor cooling water flow). Gavin aware that engines need servicing but he works at his own pace. JL/SO

Cruising – Rough timetable to be prepared JO

Fees -  It was agreed that future fees (including Club Moorings) be discussed at a future committee meeting. PC


6)      Calendar

Prizegiving postponed until it can take place in person.

Proposed dates to JO including personal cruising dates, perhaps late May short cruise

Campbell Cup July/Aug. All


7)      New Members & Mentors

Potential new members include Alisdair Floyd, Bryony and Rachel Horsburgh.

It was agreed that mentors be appointed to help include new members to the club activities. Volunteers to PC. All


8)      AOB

GM reported that Seasavers are to have a two, two day day training sessions for RYA power boat level 2 between 14th-17th May.  The plan is to use Jason and Gilly’s rib but like club rib needs servicing.  Given that 3 of the group are also LBSC trainees they have asked that if their boat or another boat is unavailable could the club boat be made available. In principle yes subject to correct insurance, supervision and any breakages made good. The Trainer is Euan Carruthers of https://youandsea.com/ They were selected as the UHI/UHT RYA courses are not able to train youths under 18.  If it goes well this may be an option for LBSC to consider for other youths.  Euan looking to use the clubhouse as a base, Covid rules permit this for recognised instruction and Euan is accredited for Covid compliance.  GM/PGC to take forward with sea savers.


Club blue/white tender repair AO


PC plans a fiberglass workshop over the summer. PC(plus volunteers).

Very few subscriptions are still outstanding. Remaining being chased JM.


9)      Next Meeting

7th June at 18:30 by Zoom All.

Papers to members a week in advance. JO/PC/DD


10)  Close

There being no other business, the meeting finished at 19:35